Homoeopathic  Academy of Research & Charities (H.A.R.C.) Parbhani

Our Social Activities April 2013 to March 2014

New Clothes Distribution & Farewell to children of Jivanrekha Balgruh

on 4th June 2014 HARC Trust given Farewell to 13 Children of Jivanrekha Balgruh who are going to shift into new orphanage at Sevalaya, Hasegaon, Latur.

HARC Trust President Distributed new clothes to 13 children of Jivanrekha Balgruh & given them Best wishes for their future Healthy life at Sevalaya, Latur.

On This occasion Bal Kalyan Samiti Members Dr Oswal, Mrs Wankhede, Mr Ghuge were present.


Educational Support to 60 Children of Sevalaya, Hasegaon, Latur

On 13th June 2014 HARC Trust President Dr Pawan S Chandak went to Sevalaya, Hasegaon, Latur for helping Educational needs of 60 students of Sevalaya Project (Aamhi Sevak) Hasegaon, Latur.

HARC had donated Educational requirements like Notebooks, Registers, Drawing materials, Compass, School Bags, Navneet Digest of 60 students of Sevalaya Project. We had spended whole day with these children. For the success of this event efforts taken by Dr Pawan S Chandak, Dr Shiva Aithal, Vishal Toshnival, Mukesh Paithane. On this occasional Sevalaya Trust President Mr Ravi Bapatale, & Vidya Acharya & staff of Sevalaya were present.


Visit to Sevalaya, Hasegaon Dist.  Latur & Donated Nutritious Foods to them

on 21st September 2014 Sunday, HARC President Dr Pawan S Chandak visited Sevalaya, Hasegaon Dist. Latur (A Rehabilitation Centre of 60 orphan Children). HARC donated Nutritious foods & Fruits to them. Spend whole Day with them. Children of Sevalaya has performed Dances on Mauli Mauli song & also performed in Cultural programs.


Children day Celebration with 38 Children of Bal Sudhar Gruh at Jilha Nirixan Gruh Parbhani .

on 14th November 2014 Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities had celebrated Children Day & Birth Anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru with 38 children of Bal Sudhar Gruh at Jilha Nirikshan Gruh. HARC President Dr Pawan S Chandak donated Educational & Drawing material to these children. For the success of this program efforts taken by Mr Salve, Mr Uddhav Ghuge. On This occasional Members of Child welfare Committee Smt. Wankhede, Dr Indra Oswal & Adv Sanjay Kekan were also present.


Drawing material & Nutritious Foods donated to 180 children at 'Gammat Jammat Melawa' at Pandharpur on December 2014

on 28th December 2014 'Gammat Jammat' melawa (get together) organized by Paalvi Sanstha at Pandharpur where more than 180 students participated from various Orphanages of HIV+ Children Like Latur, Pandharpur & Kolhapur. To improve ART skill in these children HARC Trust donated Drawing Materials including Drawing Books, Crayon Colors, water Colors, Tube colors & color pencil etc depending upon their age group from 1st class to 10th class. Also Nutritious Groundnut chikki donated to them to improve Iron, Calcium & protein in them. For the success of this activities of Art Skill development efforts taken by Dr Pawan S Chandak, DR Asha P Chandak, Mr Vishal Toshnival, Santosh Vithalkar etc. On this occasion Paalvi Trustee Smt. Mangaltai Shaha, Rajkumar Ghadge, Dimple Ghadge, Sevalay Team Ranjeet Acharya, Kishor Khobare & HARC Team Miss Arti Mundada, Ambadas Aulwad, MR Sagar Lakhotiya, Miss Sarita Lakhotiya, Prasad Mundada, Shubham Lakhotiya were present.


New Clothes, Educational & Skill Development support to 110 Orphan children in 'Mitra Mahotsaw' at Sevalaya, Hasegaon Latur

on 24th to 26th January 2015 'Mitra Mahotsav' has been organized at 'Sevalaya Prakalp' att Hasegaon, Latur. This event was organized with great idea & initiative by Marathi film actress Veena Jamkar. In this 3 days prpgrams more than hundren students from various Orphanage of seropositive children has been invited & various Games, competition, Drama, Cultural programs & skill development program has been organized for these children. In this program students of Sevalaya Project Latur, Infant India Beed, Orphanage of Kalamb Osmanabad, Snehalaya Ahmednagar, Paalvi Pandharpur has precipitated.  Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities had donated New Cultural Dresses like Kurta Payzama & Frocks to students of I to VII class. Educational materials, drawing material, Navneet Advance Dictionary donated to students of VIII to X class. Advance Oxford Dictionary , Speakwell English course books donated to college going students. For the purpose of donating these clothes, Educational materials efforts taken by & supported by Dr Pawan S Chandak, Mr Rajesh Jain, Kedar Lohiya, Mrs Varsha Kalani, Mr Prakash Joshi, Dr Shiva Aithal etc. In this Mitra Mahotsav organizing Team Sevalaya founder director Ravi Baptale, Kishor khobare, Ranjeet Acharya, Vidya Acharya, Nikita Chandak, Actress Veena Jamkar has taken great efforts for the success of it.

Nutritional Support given to 30 students of Sahara Orphanage Kalamb Dist. Osmanabad on January 2015

On 29th January 2015 HARC President Dr Pawan S Chandak with Mr Badrivishal Soni visited Sahara Orphanage of seropositive Children Kalamb Dist. Osmanabad. At that time he visited Mukbadhir Vidyalay at Kalamb also. He interacted with students of Sahara Orphanage & Mukbadhir Vidyalay also. HARC Trust donated Nutritious foods like Rajgira Laddu & Groundnut chikki to 30 students of Sahara Orphanage.


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