Homoeopathic  Academy of Research & Charities (H.A.R.C.) Parbhani

Our Social Activities April 2010 to March 2011

HARC Organized Rehabilitation Program for Orphan children of Jeevanrekha Balgriha, Parbhani

On 3rd October 2010 Sunday, Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities organized Rehabilitation Program for orphan children of Jeevanrekha Balgriha, Parbhani. HARC had organized charity show of famous Marathi movie on Homoeopathy 'Pratisaad' on 7th June 2010 for purpose of providing Treatment & Rehabilitation of Children affected by AIDS. So by arranging donations through charity show & donations of various kinds like Clothes, Educational material, Daily needed things, Chappals etc We have donated Separate Cots & Beds i.e. Bunker cots to these children.

We have also donated Daily needed things like toothpaste, brush, antiseptic soap, Coconut oil, Antiseptic powder, Educational material, Books, Notebooks, Pen, Pencils, Black board, Clothes, Bed sheets, Blankets, Nutritious Foods etc.

This event was chaired by Adv Ashokji Soni, Chilef guest Dr A L Shelke, Adv M K Ubale etc.

Dr Pawan S Chandak President of HARC has given information about activities done by HARC since October 2008 & also focused on need for Rehabilitation of these children.

Dr A L Shelke has promised that through Satya Sai Charitable Trust he will organize Educational & Cultural program for these children.

This event was attended by renowned personalities of Parbhani & supported by Adv Kiran Chandak, Mr Puran Agrawal, Adv Modani, Adv Mandhane, Mrs Varsha Kalani,  Dr Nikhil Kendrekar, Dr Vivek Kulkarni, Dr Khyati Parikh etc.

For the sucess of this event Dr Pawan S Chandak, Dr Mrs Asha Chandak, Mr Vishal Toshnival, Mr Rahul Patange, Dr Darak, Mr Satyanarayan Chandak, has played major role.


Diwali celebration with Orphan children of Jeevanrekha Balgriha, Parbhani on 4th November 2010


On 4th November 2010 Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities organized Diwali celebration Program with orphan children of 'Jeevanrekha Balgriha' Parbhani. On this occasion Nutritious foods, Educational material, Sweets, Fire crackers, 14 mosquito nets, Daily needed things like Toothpaste, Dettol soaps, Toys, Coconut oil, Apples, Fruits, Clothes, school bags were donated to orphan children.

In evening Diwali Dr Pawan Chandak, Mr Vishal Toshnival has celebrated Diwali by lightening lamps & Fire crackers with these children.

For the success of this event Dr Pawan S Chandak, Dr Mrs Asha Chandak, Mr Vishal Toshnival, Mrs Shyama Chandak, Mrs Basanti Chandak, Mrs Jangid, Dr Shrigopal Darak, Mr Javed Faruqi, Mr Ambadas Akulwad, Mr Shrikant Ubale has played major role.


New Year Celebration with Orphan Children of Jeevanrekha Balgriha

On 31st December 2008 Dr Pawan S Chandak, Mr Vishal Toshnival & team of HARC went to Jeevanrekha Balgriha Parbhani

& celebrated new year with Orphan children by cutting cakes. Refreshment foods, sweets & cakes distributed amongst children.


HARC celebrated Makarsankranti & donated Locker / store case to Orphan orphan children of Jeevanrekha Balgriha


Homoeopathic Academy of Research & charities has organized program on occasion of Republic Day on 26th January 2011 at Jeevanrekha balgriha for orphan children. In this program  'Yashodhan Mahila Mandal' Parbhani has donated 2 Locker/Storage case to these orphan children. Sweets, Fruits & Nutritious breakfast was also provided to them.

They have donated 5 kg Sprout (Matki) to these children which will be Nutritious breakfast for them. For the success of this program Dr Mrs Asha Chandak & Dr Khyati Parikh of HARC & Mrs Renu Mogarkar, Mrs Aruna Peshkar & other members of Yashodhan Mahila Mandal has taken great efforts.


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