Winner of Diagnostic Quiz Contest December 2007


Correct Answer of Diagnostic Quiz Contest December 2007 are as follows

1. Visual Quiz

Diagnose from above photograph 'overgrowth of tissue at the site of a healed skin injury' .

Answer: Keloid


2. Radiological Quiz

Patient is having pain in right subcostal region radiating to back and to shoulder. Diagnose the condition from above USG of abdomen

Answer: Gall stones


3. Find the similimum of the following case

Women is having hot flushes at menopausal age worse by mental strain, exertion, hot flushes without perspiration, sensitive to touch, cannot tolerate tight clothing, she feels worse after sleep, burning vertex headachae at menopausal age.

Answer: Lachesis


Winner of Diagnostic Quiz Contest December 2007 are

1) Dr. Dhanashri D. Rohinkar
    Date:      2008-01-09
    Address: 870,vidya nagar Parbhani 431401, Maharashtra, India.

2) Dr. Mohammed Yunus
    Date:      2007-12-29
    Address: near police station j.c.nagar Bangalore-6 India

3) Dr. Partha Chakraborty
    Date:      2008-01-05
    Address: 2/7 Central Park, City Centre, Durgapur - 713216 (WB), India.

4) Dr. Priyanka
    Date:   2007-12-23


Every winner will get Appreciation Certificate.

One Lucky winner is chosen amongst correct entries and the Luck winner of Diagnostic Quiz Contest December 2007 is Dr. Mohammed Yunus (Bangalore, India). He will get Cure I Homoeopathic CD and Appreciation certificate from the team of Modern Homoeopathy.