Seminar on How to handle Acute Emergencies with Homoeopathy




ON 18TH APRIL 2010, AT NARENDRA BANQUET HALL, RAMGHAT ROAD, ALIGARH, 255TH ANNIVERSARY of the founder of homeopathy Dr. S.F.C.Hannimann, was celebrated in a very grand manner as the WORLD HOMEOPATHIC DAY, by the HMAI aligarh unit homeopaths & their family members, and this year was dedicated  to the 200th year of publication of not merely a book but a “BIBLE” for we homeopathic fraternity ie “Organan of Medicine”.


The entire full day function was divided into two parts. The first session was dedicated to our distinguished guest of honor & his views, which was concluded in the plenary session. Second session was dedicated to the prize distributions, cultural programme, musical programmes, followed by dinner.


In the presence of 182 homeopaths in the hall, our chief guest Dr. S.S.Vithal & his worthy son Vidur S.N.Vithal were welcomed by the fraternity of aligarh unit. At 11 am the seminar  started with the garlanding and lighting the lamp of knowledge in front of Dr Hahnemann’s portrait. This ceremony were performed by Dr.S S Vithal & Hon’ble President Dr. B. N.Pal.


Afterwards every present member has offered their floral tribute to Dr. Hahnemann one by one.


In the inaugural session the secretary Dr. R. Saraswat has narrated about the life style, principles, achievements & the goals set by our founders. After his speech Dr. P.K. Dass Gupta  introduced the chief guest to the participants of the seminar, his life, his works and the specialties,


After these brief formalities, Dr. S.S. Vithal from Khanna Punjab, started speaking on his long time tested experiences in  the most  simple way to select of proper remedy in the acute cases. His views were based on practical practices, and everybody was impressed  with the Dr. Vithal’s way of teaching the difficult approaches in a simplest way.


Throughout his speech in the hall there was a pin drop silence, and every doctor was feeling himself fortunate for such interaction, and kept on noting the important points depicted by Dr. Vithal, during his speech. He showed  a case of 30% burn  successfully treated with Opium1m. Case of acute retention of urine treated with Ars Alb 1M, Heart attack case with Lachsis. So many  cases were also shown on LCD projector. He was so confident in his presentation that every body wanted that such seminars would be taken up frequently.


Dr S S Vithal’s LIVE MATERIA MEDICA presentation was so impressed that all the participants were spell bound. Nobody went even for his/her nature’s call to toilet. Amusingly speaker Dr Vithal told everyone that after the speech (Kathha/satsang) he will give Parsaad in the form of printed form of his oration which he gave free of cost to all present delegates.

This session was concluded with the vote of thanks speech from our president Dr. Pal, this seminar was attended not only the homeopaths from aligarh, but also from nearby towns too, like Autrali, Hathras etc.


The second part of the programme was started by 7 pm.“ homeopath of the year Award” was conferred upon veteran homeopath Dr. Rajat Saxena of Aligarh for his excellent services rendered. And several “Award of Excellence” were given to Dr. Chandresh Bhatia (ENT), Dr. Poonam Batra, Dr. B.N.Pal, Dr. Ravindra Saraswat, Dr. Yogesh Gupta, Dr. Ashok Vashistha, Dr. Vinnet Kumar Gaur, Dr. D.K.Singh & Dr. P.K.Sharma for their kind contribution, in last seminars.

Finally “Award of exceptionally excellence” was conferred upon Dr. S.S.Vithal by hon’ble  president Dr. B.N.Pal.


This function was attended by not only the members of the aligarh homeopaths, but also by the leading allopaths of the city, and the members of Indian Medical Association, NIMA, Nursing Home office bearers, Dr. Siddiqui, Dr. Vishwamitra, Dr. Mukesh Chandra, Dr. Sunil Gupta, Dr. Maneesh Jain, Dr. Niranjan Lal, Dr.D.K.Singh, Dr. M.L,Dayal, Dr. Swati Vishal, Dr. Neelam Singh, Dr. J.P.Singh, Dr. Brijesh Mohan, Dr. Anil Gupta, Dr. Kunaal Varshney, Dr. Mukesh Agrawal, Dr. R.K.Saxena, Dr. Ravi Saxena, Dr. D.K.Verma   and many more

At the end during the dinner hours every one was whispering that they have never attended such a lecture by any learned speaker in their life, a life time experience said a veteran homoeopath.


Reported by


Dr.Yogesh Gupta

Aligarh (UP)