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Let  me refresh  a young  Homoeopath  and show him the tools  made available  to him, for treating his patient., and share my experience.

Homoeopathic medicines are usually recognized   by round Pills, commonly known as Globules,--- PELLETS, these - are vehicle which delivers the medicine-in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way-- they are  manufactured from cane sugar  though it needs to be manufactured from PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE sugar, there is wrong belief by some that its prepared with LACTOSE , Today  GRADED sugar is available which can give better shape to globules , the production time could be reduced-- Globules quality is judged by its shape, color and most important by its absorbent  capacity which usually is overlooked and ignored. Because of this absorbent power of the globules we usually advise our patient not to touch them by hand.                                                                                                               

GLOBULES are available  in  various sizes ie no 5-10-20-25-30-35-40,even 50 & 60, the size is measured by the space occupied by 10 globules on a scale measured in Millimeters.

THESE GLOBULES/PELLETS  ARE BEING USED IN THE MANUFACTURING OF EVEN ALLOPATHIC –MEDICINES ,  prepared from  cane sugar and also from Pharmaceutical grade sugar--,its commonly used in preparation of  sustained release drugs . they are exported from our country ,to developed countries                                                                                                                        Doctor has choice to select the size of the globule , size. Nos 5-- 10 could be used for children below 2 yrs, though no 5 is usually used for making 50 millesmal potency  ,Nos. 20-25 for children  between 5-10 yrs , and globules above 25 to 40 for adults,



Homoeopathic medicine (DILUTION)  are   manufactured  in a base of 60% absolute alcohol having 92% vv, in case percentage is lower, the globules medicated with it turns brownish in color, since few years few manufacturers are rightly  using  Extra Neutral Alcohol . We have a range of more than 4000 different medicines , and its gradually increasing with on going research .

The Quality of the medicine and its effectiveness mostly depends on the sincerity  of the manufacturer, and this in  turn  depends on the BACK POTENCY.

This unit (BONDED LAB)  is the place where in the sincerity, Quality, Genuineness  of the manufacturer  JUDGED, and its the place where in he could be most undependable too.


Mother Tinctures Majority of the Pharmaceuticals rightly  have started using   extra neutral alcohol,, in place of  absolute alcohol   Extra neutral alcohol guarantees that homoeopathic dilutions and tinctures are free from impurities The mother tinctures are  basically manufactured under two process 1.Maceration 2. Percolation. Lot of work has been done to standardized  the process, but much need to be done, especially in procuring of Raw materials.

More than 200  Mother Tinctures  are available in the market, they are manufactured from vegetable kingdom, Animal kingdom, Chemical s, there is vast treasure available  and Homeopaths can explore this treasure  for the use of their patient.

 A year back few leading Pharmaceuticals have introduced  Mother Tinctures in Tablet form, these have advantage  , can be easily carried and conveniently  used  even by children, the dosage can be standardized Above all loss by evaporation is avoided,  quality and medicinal properties  could easily be maintained  and retained.  


Homoeopathic Trituration, the insoluble crude ingredients are converted into medicinal substances through the process of trituration . The medicinal vehicle in this case is saccharum lactis (Lactose). Homoeopathic triturated medicine increases the therapeutic potentialities & greater curative value than their crude form. A medicinal substance in potentised form possesses greater healing power than its crude form

HOMOEOPATHIC TRITURATIONS are  manufactured mostly  in following potencies  1x-3x-6x  12x- 30x- 200x,  guide lines have been given by Homoeopathic Pharmocoepia of India , were in few medicines are not to be used or dispensed below 3x as they are harmful and dangerous in lower potencies.

MOTHER TINCTURES AND HOMOEOPATHIC TRITURATION  are yet to find their due place  with Homoeopaths lack of literature, and exposure of its usage needs attention, with right raw material  therapeutically effective medicines can  occupy medicinal chest of Homoeopaths.

External mother tinctures are being manufactured as per Homoeopathic Pharmacoepia of India as the name speaks are to be used for external applications only, usually the Alcohol percentage is lower, hence its shelf life is shorter and care should be taken before using


The Biochemic Theory a naturally safe Therapy

Watch your newly born baby the treasure of your affection and see how gradually he grows from his tiny body into a beautiful figure. YOU will surprise how from his helplessness he begins to roll, then how he tries to sit and crawl. After some days you see him tottering behind u and by his act you feel immense happiness. As years pass your joy finds no bounds when you see the same little helpless body has taken a shape having the same resemblance of his blessed parents. All this wonderful phenomenon about which your wondering is due to the act of certain Organic and Inorganic salts which the body cells use for their growth, repair wear and tear.

Dr Hahnemann was the first to investigate the pathogenic effects, and therapeutic uses of some of these important salts and though it was announced in 1832 in Stapf's Archiv. It was Dr Schuessler, M.D of Germany in 1873 who invented a new method of treatment of diseases by administering one or more of these salts in dynamited doses to which he named" BIOCHEMIC METHOD OF TREATMENT". He says  The dynamised or potentised Inorganic substance are sufficient to re-establish the deranged molecular movement of the same in the diseased condition of the body and are sufficient to heal all diseases which are curable at all. After years of clinical and chemical research he founded that the following minerals in correct proportion are very much essential to maintain GOOD HEALTH.


These minerals enter in our blood through the food we take, they act as body catalysts, they control physiological alkaline environment of the body cells and help Bio-current flow smoothly through them. They also control the blood
alkanity and counteract the base acids thus formed by eating excess of acid forming foods. These Inorganic minerals are essential for proper growth, assimilation of the organic substances and development of every part of the body, should a deficiency occur in one or more of these substances
some abnormal or diseased condition will arise Every disease which effects humanity reveals lack of one or more of these

LACTOSE’ is milk based  product  mostly imported from Holland , USA, Canada, It has a shelf life of 3 years- since few years its being manufactured  in India  too its to the IP standard and has a shelf life of 5 years, Mainly used  in the manufacturing of BIOCHEMIC TISSUE SALTS,  and for  dispensing medicines  to infants,, but you should take care that you use standard  branded lactose, only there is a possibility of developing  digestive disorders by using sub standard lactose

Biochemical Tissue salts have been loosing the effectiveness  since few years , One reason is  quality/ Purity  of lactose being used and more because  of process of its manufacturing , only few follow the process as prescribed in The Homoeopathic Pharmocoepia of India. Few  manufacturer spray  the medicine wrongly  instead of Triturating them. First  potency  in  Dilution  form prepared from trituration is 8x, lack of proper quality check and PROPER  TRITURATION PROCESS has  made all the difference to these organic cell salts.

Health and strength can be maintained only so long as the system is properly supplied with these BIOCHEMIC TISSUE SALTS

Biochemic  Tissue salts are available in powder-- Trituration, and Tablet form they are available in, the market    / 1Gr —- 5gr/  size

The medicines  are available in various potencies  Decimal ( 3x-6x—12x—30x—200x),cent decimal,(6c-12c-30-200—1m—10m—50m--)  &  50 millesmal ( 0/1—0/30) and all of them should  carry  on the Label  Composition/ Batch no/Date of Mfr/ Expiry date/ and recently  printing CUSTOMER HELPLINE /care  telephone No and address has been made mandatory, by the Government. of India

BOWEL NOSODES : Originally were introduced to the medical field by Dr Edward Bach M.B.B.S like Dr Hahnemann he saw the truth that the personality of the individual was of more importance than the body in the treatment of his disease; the patient’s outlook on life , his emotions, his feeling ,were all points of first importance in the treatment of all the ills that human flesh is heir to.

It is a curious coincidence that Dr.Bach was unconsciously following  in the foot steps of Dr Hahnemann , both in his theory and practice of medicine, in the year 1919 he accepted the post of Pathologist and Bacteriologist at the London Homoeopathic Hospital and it happened that a copy of Hahnemann ‘s Organon fell into his hands ,he was surprised  to find what a close  parallelism  of thought he had with Dr Hahnemann , with regard to fundamental ideas about diseases and mode of administrating remedies in the simple, minimum doses given at in frequent intervals. Dr Bach died in 1930 and his mantle fell on Dr J.Paterson , after 20 years of work combining clinical and laboratory observation he confirmed  1. observing the clinical symptoms present when a particular organism was identified in the bowel and 2. observing the clinical symptoms which were ameliorated after the administration of the bowel nosode he was able to give some tentative indications of pathogenesis of certain types,

One thing  noted   by Dr Sarkar  is that none of these bowel nosodes have yet been proved in the strict Hahnemannian sense, it remains for the present Homoeopaths to take up this job, Bowel nosodes  have stood up to the clinical test as demonstrated by Dr Bach , Wheeler and Dr Paterson

Bach Flower Remedies

DR . Edward Bach (1886 - 1936)
The discoverer of the celebrated flower remedies, Abandoned Orthodox Medicine to become a pioneer medical revolutionary. Dr. Bach believed that physical ill health was a result of an imbalance in the mind. Treat the patient according to the mood, character and individuality with simplicity. All 39 remedies are described as mood, remedies. He used flowers as vaccines to treat his patients. He formulated a chart which showed that which flowers are to be prepared by which method along with when to prepare. All the plants to be used except for Olive, Vine and Cerato were wild grown






Bach Flower-1


Conceals his internal mental torture behind the facade of a care-free and cheerful face


Bach Flower-10


Wants to throw away unpleasant sensation, anything which is unclean, undesirable.


Bach Flower-11


Overwhelmed by responsibility. Feel exhausted, Feeling of inadequacy assails them


Bach Flower-12


Discouragement, Depression, Lack of faith, Always looks at the dark side of the case


Bach Flower-13


Hopelessness, A patient who is fed-up with a long treatment of a chronic disease


Bach Flower-14


Self centred, Always concerned with his own problems. Has no time listen to others


Bach Flower-15


Hatred, Envy, Jealousy, The very antithesis of love. Distress and unhappy


Bach Flower-16


Lives in the past and make no efforts to solve the present difficulties escapes to the past


Bach Flower-17


Monday morning feeling, Feel tired and exhausted even before he has started the work


Bach Flower-18


Impatience in all walks of life in thoughts, in action, in temper, in deciding, in eating


Bach Flower-19


Lack of confidence. Sure of his failure, therefore, dose not attempt to try


Bach Flower-2


Unknown fears, Apprehensions, unfounded fears, Fear without any reason at any time


Bach Flower-20


Fear of known things. Nervousness Fear of dogs, snakes and cancer


Bach Flower-21


Deep gloom, A sudden depression. Fit of depression without reason


Bach Flower-22


Exhausted but struggles on, Never gives up hope and continues to work against all odds


Bach Flower-23


Lack of energy. Tired physically. Complete exhaustion of body and mind


Bach Flower-24


Self reproch, self condemnation. Blames Himself even for faults of others


Bach Flower-25

Red Chestnut

Over concern for others. Fear and over-anxiety for others.


Bach Flower-26

Rock Rose

Terror, Extreme fear, Panic, It is not the fear which is limited to one human mind


Bach Flower-27

Rock Water

Self repression, self denial. Very rigid. Inflexible views. Extreme self-discipline.


Bach Flower-28


Indecision. Uncertain, Always in 'two minds'


Bach Flower-29

Star of Bethlehem

After effects of shock. Physical or mental


Bach Flower-3


Intolerance. Unsympathetic, Lack of humility, Criticizes and condemns


Bach Flower-30

Sweet Chestnut

Extreme mental torture, hopeless despair,


Bach Flower-31




 .PLACEBO  are available in powder form/Tablets commonly known as Diskets, they are manufactured from cane sugar/Blank Tablets they are  Lactose based available in various sizes 1gr, 2gr, 3 gr  5gr and also in food grade colors of Green red and yellow besides white

The number of ways and means a Homeopathic medicines can be dispensed  is a specialization of the Homeopathic system of medicine it can be Tailor made to the need of  each individual  patient.

There is  a confusion created or a lobby which states Mother tincture is not Homeopathy, Biochemical Tissue salt should not be used, No external application, give only 4 pills of simillimum and wait-  the thing which matter  a Homoeopath is  ,  should  know    where is he  leading his patient too,    12 observations of Kent  and  Second prescription  should only be your  guide.

In the past 30 years I am convinced about the efficiency of Mother Tinctures , Biochemic Tissue salts, Bowel nosodes, external application of Homeopathic medicines, when to use ,how to use .

The thing I am not convinced is use of  multiple dosage, multiple  remedies, but I don’t say they are wrong , let them convince  us ,, the  way I can do for single dose single remedy.

Several Homoeopaths erroneously believe  that Dr S.Hahnemann  advocated the treatment of all diseases only by a single drug-- at a time. Dr Hahnemann only proved the drugs singly on healthy individuals  to know the full potentiality of the drug it self . If a particular drug covered all the principal symptoms of a sick patient , an additional drug was not necessary. But when an additional drug was found necessary , Dr Hahnemann did not hesitate to use it  as—DRUG RELATIONS -- -Compliment-Inimical- Antidote- Follows well-Alternate  needs our attention,   less had been thought ,  exchanged , we have  to give a serious  thought on to it, 

There are Doctors who are prejudice  on usage of potency some say lower potency is safe, 3x, 6x,12x,, few start with 200 ,some start with only 1m, many like me start with  200 when we are not sure of a remedy start  with a PLACEBO  of course to gain some more time to study the case –Many Homoeopaths give Single dose comprising of  only 1-8 globules, nowadays another trend of putting  few drops of medicine directly on the tongue-- Friends lets take  ALL  these as TOOLS and use them  scientifically, Lets  each  put our observation, and findings of  all these Tools  across the table in our seminars,  Clinical Meetings  and exchange our observations  and a  time would  than come  when we all would  have unbiased /unprejudiced knowledge of  putting these tools to use for betterment of our patients ,

n      There are many  Homoeopaths who only give Biochemic Tissue salts and occasionally Homoeopathic medicine, there are some who occasionally give Biochemic , there are some who take a bottle of globules and add a drop or two of all medicine they feel are indicated, into one bottle so ????.Let all these  procedure be cleansed in our Seminars., Conferences, workshops, our Clinical Meetings

n      Leading us to become UNPREJUDICE  OBSERVERS  and make the Dreams True of Dr S.Hahnemann.

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