Sunstroke & its Homoeopathic Management


Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

Homeopathy proves an best tool in the management of Sun heal effects, exposure to Sun rays, Sun stroke & Sun hedachae. Homoeopathy not only cured the sunstroke condition of suffering but also acts as Preventive to fight against Sunstroke.

We have best preventive solution like Glonoine, Gelsemium, Natrum Mur which prevents Sunstroke & ill effects of Sunheat.

Homeopathy also helps in the management of problems related & arising from Sunstroke.


Repertorial Approach:

Following rubrics are extracted from Synthesis Repertory to find similimum


-GENERALS - SUN - sunstroke

- MIND - UNCONSCIOUSNESS - sunstroke, in

- HEAD - SUNSTROKE - slept in the sun; from having
- EYE - STARING - sunstroke
- SLEEP - COMATOSE - sunstroke, from
- GENERALS - SUN - sunstroke
- GENERALS - WEAKNESS - sunstroke, from

Homoeopathic Management:


Glonoinum: It is indicated for bad effects of exposed to Sun's ray, over-heating in sun, Sunstroke. There is bursting type of headachae rising up from neck. Great throbbing, sense of expansion as if head would burst. Nash says " Glonoine Cannot endure least jar." Weaves of heat, upwards. All arteries in head felt as distinct as though they had been dissected out. Skull too small for brain, brain attempting to burst it. All symptoms are sudden in onset and subsides more rapidly when relived.

< bending head back.


Belladonna: Indicated for Sunstroke in which fearful headachae. There is confusion of thought. Violent congestion to head. Violent throbbing headachae relived by nosebleed with more intense redness of face with throbbing carotids, delirium, spasms, jerks and twitchings. Eyes staring, red, blood shot, pupils at first contracted then greatly dilated. Skin very red and hot. Kent says "When you put your hand on Bell subject you want to suddenly withdraw it. "

Rush of blood to head, pulsation of cerebral arteries, throbbing in head. Indicated  for Inflammation of brain and medulla from exposure to sun.

It is typical remedy for Sunstroke covers restlessness, vertigo, breathlessness, nausea and vomiting with frequent micturition, high temperature. Incontinence of urine and feces. Stertors, rapid pulse.


Aconite: Indicated for Sunstroke especially from sleeping in the Sun's ray. Head exceedingly hot with burning, as though brain were moved by boiling water. High fever. Vertigo. Face very red, feels as if it has grown much larger. Tingling sensation. One of the remedy for Heat Apoplexy. Aconite is one of the remedies of sudden, violently acute, painful condition.


Amyl Nitrate: Useful for Heat stroke. Heat and throbbing in head. Intense fullness in head. Intense surging of blood to face and head as if blood would start through the skin. Patient can't endure warmth, must throw off coverings and opens doors and windows. Difficulty of breathing.


Camphor: Indicated for Sunstroke with restlessness and depression of spirits. Contraction, tightness in head with coldness all over. Throbbing in head beat like a hammer, head hot, face red, limb cool. Rush of blood to head.

Kent says " The more violently patient suffers the sooner he is cold and when he is cold he must uncover even in a cold room". "Then with a flash of heat wants the covers on and hot bottle".


Veratrum Vir: Indicated for sudden cerebral congestion and Sunstroke. There is prostration, accelerated pulse. Head full and heavy. There is intense cerebral congestion as if head would burst open. Indicated for Congestive apoplexy in which intense headachae, stupid, ringing in ears, bloodshot eyes, thick speech, slow, full pulse, hard as iron, nausea and vomiting, convulsion.

Face of Veratrum is cold, bluish, covered with cold sweat.

Veratrum Tongue is white or yellow coated with a red streak down the centre.

< warm drinks.


Gelsemium: Useful for complaints from Heat in summer. Weakness and trembling in any part or the whole body. Headachae begins in cervical spine with bursting sensation in forehead and eyeballs. Sensation of a band around head above eyes. Great heaviness of eyelids.

< from heat of Sun.


Lachesis: It has reputation for Sunstroke or effects of sunstroke. Paralysis depending upon apoplectic condition of brain, after extremes of heat or cold. Face is dark red, bluish, bloated, as in apoplexy. Great characteristic worse from sleep. Sleeps into aggravation. Dreads to go to sleep, because she wakes with such a headachae. Rush of blood to head, with weight and pressure on vertex. Great sensitiveness to touch especially throat and abdomen.


Stramonium: Indicated for Sunstroke with Lascivious mania. Face is very red, blood rushes to face. Congestion to head, beating of carotids. Rushes of blood to head with furious, loquacious delirium. After Sunstroke there is tormenting heat in head, pain in nape of head, very sensitiveness to noise, to contradiction.


Natrum Carb: Indicated for Chronic effects of Sunstroke. Headachae from slightest mental exertion, from sun, even working under gaslight. Patient has inability to think. Feels stupid, comprehension slow, difficult. Head feels too large as if it would burst. There is great debility from heat of summer. Patient has aversion to and worse from milk.


Natrum Mur: Best Remedy for Sunstroke. Acts as Preventive for Sunstroke. There is heat in head with red face, nausea and vomiting. Rush of blood to head as if head would burst. Heaviness of occiput, draws eyes together. Blinding of eyes, fiery red zig-zags characteristic. Worse in Sun, seaside, summer.

Dr. Pawan S. Chandak