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Monthly E-Newsletter April 2008

Summer Complaints & Homoeopathy


Dr. Pawan S. Chandak


Homoeopathy plays an important & vital role in summer complaints.

As Winter ends & summer starts due to change of weather from cold to hot Human Body unable to balance as per temperature change causing common problems like Cold , Coryza, Cough i.e. Upper respiratory infection, Fever etc.

In such cases our weather change remedies like Dulcamara, Bryonia, Pulsatilla plays an important role.

Dulcamara is very important remedy in sudden change in hot weather (Bryonia) from cold in hot weather, cold air flowing in hot weather.

I hope you might have heard this line ‘Wherever the cold air Flows Dulcamara Follows’.

Bryonia comes when warm weather sets in after cold days or from cold drinks or ice in hot weather, from chilling when overheated, from exposure to draft of cold air in summer.

Due to heat of summer there occurs feeling of weakness, tiredness, dullness, drowsiness in some case in such cases remedies like Gelsemium, China, Natrum Mur plays an important role.

Gelsemium is useful for General depression from heat of summer or Sun.

Natrum Mur feel weak, having headache due to exposure to sun.

China is useful for weakness arising from summer diarrhea or vomiting.

As heat increases in summer complaints like Headachae, Heat Stroke/ Sunstroke, Symptoms of Sunstroke like severe headachae, palpitation, vertigo, high blood pressure etc may occur in such cases we have effective remedies like Glonoine, Belladonna, Natrum Carb, Natrum Mur, Gelsemium.

We have preventive solution for problems of Sunstroke / Heat stroke like giving Homoeopathic Medicines like Glonoine, Gelsemium.

Glonoine not only prevent the Sunstroke but also an effective medicine for severe sun headachae from exposure to sunheat or working under gas light, walking in sun, palpitations etc. In Glonoine Headachae head feels enormously large, sensation as if skull were too small for brain, it increases & decreases everyday with sun worse by jar, stooping, ascending, touch of hat.

Gelsemium proves effective remedy for weakness, tiredness, dullness, general depression arising from effects of Sunheat. In Gelsemium vertigo spreading from the occiput with diplopia, dim vision, loss of sight, seems intoxicated when trying to move.

In Belladonna headachae is due to exposure to sun or sunheat < jar, motion, noise, bursting, throbbing type of pain > rest.

Fever due to exposure to Sunheat we have remedies like Bryonia, Belladonna, Gelsemium which proves effective in fever.

Belladonna is useful remedy for High Grade fever with headachae, restlessness, delirium, thirstless patient.

Gelsemium is for Fever with weakness, tiredness, dullness, drowsiness, general depression arising from effects of Sunheat.

Bryonia is best remedy for Fever due to exposure to Sunheat with great thirst at large interval, bodyachae, restlessness < motion.


In summer due to heat there may occur shortage of water people try to get water from any way, even purification system weakness due to water shortage causing chance of infected water from various bacilli or causing water borne diseases like Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid etc.

We have effective medicine for summer Diarrhoea like Podophyllum, China, Croton Tig, Bryonia, Veratrum Album, Chamomillla, Aethuja, Mag Carb etc.

Merc cor, Merc sol, Nitric acid, Rheum plays important role in Dysentery cases.

Camphor, Veratrum Album can be epidemic remedy in Cholera cases.

In Veratrum Cholera stool is profuse, watery, gushing, prostrating, vomiting excessive with nausea and great prostration worse by drinking and by least motion.

Camphor indicated for first stage of Cholera Morbus and Asiatic cholera with severe, long lasting chill, pulse weak, extremely small, scarcely perceptible.

In Podophyllum Diarrhoea stools are profuse, offensive, gushing, and painless. Diarrhoea worse in morning, teething babies.  

In Diarrhoea of China painless and undigested stool, copious & putrid in nature.

Merc Cor indicated for Dysentery with scanty stools with blood and incessant straining not relieved by stool.

In Croton Tig Diarrhea stool are yellow, watery come out like shot while nursing or immediately after nursing. It’s especially indicated in nursing babies.

In Chamomillla Diarrhoea stools are watery, greenish, excoriating, smell like rotten eggs. It is indicated in teething babies.

Mercurius indicated for slimy, even bloody diarrhea with straining followed by chilliness. Not better by profuse perspiration. Symptoms are worse at night, from warmth of bed.

Bryonia indicated for Diarrhoea from hot weather and return of hot weather, there is colic with thirst for big drinks and lumpy diarrhea.

Aethuja indicated for severe Diarrhoea in summer with intolerance of milk. There is violent vomiting of milk and after milk. Stools are undigested, thin, green and bilious. It is the remedy for Violence – violent vomiting, violent convulsion, violent pains and violent diarrhea.


10 Tips to "Beat the Heat"

1) Recognize the early warning signs of dehydration.

These can include: dark yellow urine, loss of energy, dizziness, loss of coordination, cramps, headaches, or unusual fatigue. If left untreated, more extreme symptoms can occur.


2) Allow for acclimation.

Acclimation is the body's adaptation to a hot environment. Slowly increase practice intensity and duration over the first two weeks of training. Most cases of heat illness occur in the first 2 to 3 days of training.


3) Drink up.

Once acclimated, fluid intake needs to be greater because sweat losses will be higher.


4) Have fluids within arm's reach.

Fluids should be easily accessible during workouts, practices and games.


5) Don't rely on thirst.

Drink during exercise to minimize


6) Favor sports drinks over water.

Research demonstrates that the carbohydrate in sports drinks fuels muscle 2,3,4,5 and sodium encourages voluntary drinking and promotes hydration.1,6,7


7) Drink it. Don't pour it.

Pouring fluid over your head may feel great but won't help restore body fluids or lower body temperature.


8) Exercise in the morning or evening.

This is when the weather is coolest. Also, avoid the direct sun to minimize radiant heat from the sun and hot playing surfaces.


9) Dress for the weather.

Keeping cool in hot weather means wearing fewer clothes and frequently removing gear like helmets during breaks.


10) Break it up.

Increase the frequency and duration.