Snoring and Homoeopathy


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Article outline- Definitions, Aetiology /pathogenesis, Factors contributing to snoring, Signs and symptoms, Case taking, Examination, Management, Prevention, Snoring and Homoeopathy, Bibliography


Aetiology /pathogenesis

Snoring originates in the parts of the upper airway which have no rigid support to counteract compression from outside or collapse from inside. This narrowing leads to local acceleration and turbulence of the breathed air. This, in turn, causes vibration of the pharyngeal wall.

The structures concerned are-

Factors contributing to snoring-

The palate, tongue and pharyngeal muscles play a part in keeping the airway open during the inspiration.

If, during the deep sleep phase, and especially during REM sleep, the muscle tone is insufficient, the tongue can fall backward due to gravity, and vibrate against the soft palate, uvula and pharynx. This occurs particularly in the supine position.

Anatomical abnormalities can limit the passage of air in the oropharynx and the hypopharynx. Such abnormalities include-

Signs and symptoms

Case taking


Very careful examination of the ear, nose and throat area, particularly the tonsils, palate, uvula and tongue is made. Nasal polyps, swollen turbinates, septal deviation, hyper reactive nasal mucosa, and abnormal anatomy of the lower jaw (relatively too small or recessed) is evaluated. Weighing the patient and blood pressure is next step. If hypothyroidism is suspected, the thyroid stimulating hormone level is checked.


Option 1-

If no abnormalities are found on the history or examination, no treatment is required.

Option 2-

If further investigations are found, general measures can be suggested. These include-


Attention to weight, smoking, alcohol and hypnotics, and avoiding sleeping on the back are effective preventive measures. Reassurance is sometimes appropriate, particularly if there are groundless fears about sleep apnoea.

Snoring and Homoeopathy

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 Top ten Remedies for snoring in decreasing order







Prevalence of various miasms in manifestation of snoring


Prevalence of Miasm


97 %


81 %


71 %


58 %


55 %



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