Psychosomatics in Homeopathy
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

  For thousands of years, various cultures have known the connection of the mind and the body; that illness and disease originate not only from external chemical toxins, but from the traumas within the emotional and mental states.

Modern medicine has relied on suppressive mood altering drugs to combat the extremes to allow humans to be "perfectly flawless" in society. This includes the suppression of anger, grief, fears, hyperactivity, melancholy, obsessions, sexual urges, depression, mood swings, etc.. What if these suppressions were causing the illness, as we find with simple suppressions of a bad cough or fever? If the avenues of elimination are blocked we suffer the secondary consequences. We logically think of our bowel movements, urine, sweat, mucous, and tears as toxins that are abundant in an illness needing to be eliminated (so we eliminate them; modern medicine has found a way to suppress these symptoms).

Thinking about the person as a whole; meaning the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states, is a method used by many ancient cultures. Why have we strayed away from this thinking? Because "science" cannot do a double blind study? Because allopathic doctors have no time for all this soul searching (what can you accomplish in a 5 - 10 min. doctor visit)?

This is where homeopathy has made a small dent in the massive scheme of things. Homeopathy looks at disease from the point of the baby's conception, and before birth, and the patterns of inherited genetics. And not only at the present illness, but the complications prior to the onset or "cause" of the illness or imbalance.

The psychosomatic aspect forms a portrait of the illness or disease. By using the homeopathic materia medica, pieces of a huge puzzle start fitting together. This is why homeopaths spend 1-2 hours on the first visit with each patient. Not only is the illness of importance, but the temperament, likes and dislikes, cravings, dreams, habits, fears, peculiarities, childhood traumas, appetite, and of course, the objective observations such as body language, how the patient smells, their energy, and their "chi" or "prana" 
(vital force). "Disease" is a disturbance of this vital force -- an imbalance. 

The body has always been able to heal itself by building up it's immune system and it's vital force. Herbs can detox the physical body and physical manipulations, meditation, yoga, and chiropractors can realign the energy flow that is blocked. Yet none come close to the healing powers of homeopathy, reaching into the depths of traumatic toxins not released for decades.

You might think that if homeopathy has such great force, what are the side-effects? As we all know in modern allopathic medicine, each prescription drug has pages of dangerous side-effects. From aspirin (which causes excessive bleeding) to drugs that induce sexual functions (causing heart attacks).

Homeopathy has no side effects. When it works, it awakens the imbalanced vibrational force through dynamic energy. So, when a person comes down with chronic stomach problems, or chronic headaches, and they have already been to several doctors, had tests after tests, x-rays, taken drugs to help the pain, yet still have no answers, there must be another avenue of escape. It is 
obvious to a classical homeopath, after taking their case, that the illness is related to a psychosomatic history. These do not show up to an "allopath" on a physical level.

The phenomenon of the mind when it comes to disease (or illness) is baffling. A homeopath finds out soon enough that treatments with remedies eventually fail if only the physical ailments are addressed. One hundred people can have sinusitis and each person must be looked at as an individual that has a history of imbalance. So, each will need a completely different remedy. 

It is the trademark personality (or constitution) that signals the homeopath; the mental state and it's traumas, the disposition of the mind, and it's subconscious acts; to the individuals state of being.

If you really look deep into each person, opening up their life like a book, turning each page one at a time, unfolding the layers of suppression, deception, and survival mechanisms; then you will finally find a matching homeopathic remedy. 

To not properly address these would mean no cure. Yes, a homeopath or allopath may "palliate" an illness or pain, but this never comes close to regressing the origin of imbalance. Psychosomatic illness is stored in memory. Even though the physical body externally might be perceived as balanced, beautiful, or put together, there is an ongoing festering volcano waiting to boil over inside the mind.

Allopathic mood altering drugs will suppress these urges from ever surfacing but they do not "cure" the imbalance and turmoil. 

1.  In some cases chemical toxins have caused this imbalance, such as vaccinations. Vaccines given to a child can cause extreme havoc to the brain (violent seizures, ADD, ADHD, hyperactivity, learning disorders, violence, chronic illnesses, immune
deficiencies, respiratory problems, and death). ( for more info).

To give the child anti-seizure medication suppresses the convulsions, but does not address the cause of the convulsions. Homeopathy can remove these toxins permanently. When a child has ADHD, ADD, or hyperactivity, prozac and ritalin are prescribed. Thousands of children are turning into zombies and making the drug companies filthy rich. Does it help? NO! The cause is due to a "chemical toxin" like vaccines or aspartame (in nutra-sweet, equal, and 
diet sodas). More info from

These toxins are extremely deadly yet the doctors and the FDA allow the use of them. Why? Think about it ... greed and money...billions of dollars are made from this vicious circle of chemical toxins. Brainwashing every parent into thinking that the safety standards are looking out for their child's welfare. 

2.  With the other cases it is severe trauma as a child. Abuse, molestation, abandonment, and grief, keeping it all suppressed, secrets, deceit, denial...all of these kept inside, locked away for no one to see. The body does remember no matter what survival mechanism is used, causing extreme stress and turmoil within the emotional and mental states. Wait long enough, and you have the physical illness that mirrors these states. 

A person can live in denial forever and get used to the situation, allowing the imbalance to grow into a multi-headed monster within, slowly affecting all their relationships, reacting with mistrust, jealousy, suspicions, depression, panic, fear, anger, irritability, violence, and suicide. Nothing makes sense but the "onset", the "cause" of the original problem. This is what classical homeopathy looks at: the psychosomatics behind all illness. Disease imparts blockades within the life force. Restricting the flow of life, living in a delusional state of "darkness". This darkness needs to become light, when you fill yourself with knowledge and the state of awareness, the delusions will vanish. This in turn will conquer the physical ailments of a particular disease. The chronic pains, cysts, hair loss, obesity, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, acne, and back pain 
will disappear. 

There is no way to stop or destroy energy, you can only redirect it or block it. The energy "inside" vibrates like a matching homeopathic remedy. To cure by dynamics means to cure "pure consciousness".

Homeopathy is based on "nature's law of cure". For a classical homeopath to take a case, it is not merely the asking of several questions that matters, it is the observations, to feel what the patient feels, to become that person, to step into their shoes and to find the "disposition" of the patient. 

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Dr. Tyler practices homeopathy in Woodland Hills, California and she also gives phone consultation for children who have been hurt by vaccines.