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A 2 day Workshop PRERNA-07 was organized by I.I.H.P  Punjab State Branch at malerkotla Club, Maler Kotla Punjab, on date 24 & 25 Nov, 2007. which was hosted by IIHP MalerKotla unit.

The chief guest was Mr S.S. Grewal  President BJP Ludhiana. After giving the tribute to Dr. Hahnemann by the chief guest , Dr Vithal (National Vice President IIHP), Dr R. Kocchar & other VIPs. Dr Satish Kapoor former President IIHP Pb also gave his well wishes to the delegates & organizers. Dr S. Abdul. Hamid  President IIHP Maler Kotla welcomed the delegates. He also served as anchor/stage secretary at the function.

After the address by President IIHP Punjab Dr. Ravinder Kocchar, the first scientific session was taken by DR. S S Vithal MD from Khanna (Pb).  Follow ups in Homoeopathy & failures.

Dr.Vithal gave a very good case to the participants to solve. It was a very nice and triky case of a child of seven years, suffering from Epileptic fits. Took lot of homoeopathic as well as allopathic medicines. Everybody suggested Phosphorus which was already given but without any relief. Any homoeopathic medicine given to that child doesn’t give any relief rather aggravates the symptoms. At the end of the seminar Dr Vithal solved the case with Sacchrum off  1M. It was a thought provoking exercise.

Dr Vithal showed few cases which were his failures. He was bold enough to share these cases and discussed where the problem lied. He reminded all about Dr Kent’s 12 observations & elaborated one by one. He discussed various hindrances He summed up his lecture by giving following few tips which should be kept in mind before going for second prescription.

1-Proper dispensing

2- Cosmic changes & environmental factors

3- Avoid over & under dosing

4- Money matters and financial aspects

5- Life style / maintaining factors/ Dietary factors.

6- Never give any guarantee for cure to any patient. Give it for best possible care.

7- Do not be very harsh with your patients & not to be so close. Seldom it spoils the case.

8- Avoid unnecessary diagnostic tools like Xrays, MRI, CT scan, I/V blood transfusion or drip, local application of any herbal/homoeopathic/allopathic liniments etc.

Every body was so attentive to share from this learned speaker; which was the best as collected from all who participated. Then it was a Lunch break.

Then second session was taken by Dr Sayed Tanvir Hussain MD ( from Maler Kotla, and General Sec. IIHP Punjab State Branch).

He took the topic Body Language & Its Utility In Homoeopathy.

Dr Tanvir said that there are cases with almost every Homoeopath when it is difficult  to take the symptoms from the patient because of various problems.

And if we as Homoeopaths know about the subject of body language these problems can be solved and we can give better results. We communicate or convey our messages by verbal and non-verbal language. And according to Mehrabian “communication is 7% verbal, 38% vocal and 55% non-verbal”.

The truth is that more communication takes place by the use of gestures, postures, position and distance than by any other way.

Exchange of words refers to verbal communication while non-verbal communication refers to all external stimuli other than spoken or written words and includes:

1. Personal appearance: Six elements are considered in personal appearance: Clothes, Footwear, Hairstyle, Ornaments, Make-up and Aromas.

2. Bodily gestures        

3. Facial expressions 

4. Postures

5.  Eye contact 

6.  Modulations in voice and

7. The use of space and distancing.

And he described various rubrics in the various sections of the repertory which can be consulted for the different elements of body language mentioned above.

So body language helps in the following conditions:

The utility of body language is tremendous for a homoeopath. He said that Dr. Ajit Kulkarni from Satara (Mahrashtra) has done a very beautiful work on the utility of body language in Homoeopathy.

On the second  day  in the first session Dr Tanvir  spoke on  Material Medica of some medicines in terms of body language. And after that Dr Kapil Sharma MD from Bijnor (UP) took the topic Potency Problems. Dr Kapil Sharma is the only homoeopath in India who is double MD. He described it in detail, how to choose the right potency and various factors which decide about it like sensitivity of the patient, miasm behind the case etc. He said Dr. Hahnemann was a master pharmacist & a master chemist of his age. By age 35 was speculating on theories of Homoeopathy. He in his one life time created a therapeutic system refined it six different times & perfected it, all it in one life time. Potency selection is most controversial & debating topic in Homoeopathy. Some Homeopathic physician used low potency & some Homoeopathic physician use high potency. Modern Homoeopathic Physicians are following to Hahnemann’s followers, not Hahnemann directions properly words about controversy, debatable confusion about selection of potency due to big gap between Hahnemann up date & modern Homeopathic physician 80% Homeopathic physician follows Dr. Kent instruction. Most of Homeopathic practice in the World based upon 4th Edition of Organon of Medicine. In all his oration Dr. Kapil gave ample examples from Organon & other relevant material stressing his points. What a superb & authentic lecture!.

And his next topic was explanations of various rubrics from the mind section of the repertory.

He differentiated some of the rubrics which are looking very close to each other, but in fact are very different. Eg. Sympathetic, benevolent, generous etc.

At the end of the session in both the days Question Answer sessions were also held, which were very much informative.

The delegates were from Amritsar, Khanna ,Ambala , Malerkotla, Ludhiana, Barnala, Sherpur, Bijnore etc Dr Ms Nadia- a delegate from Pakistan who happen to be in this town of Malerkotla also attended this workshop. She highly applauded this workshop.   For her it was all a new subject. She thanked all organizers and speakers for giving her the golden opportunity to learn Homoeopathy in a new way.  Participation certificates were also given to all who attended this workshop. Very beautiful mementoes were also presented to the speakers. Lunch/ snacks/tea served to all were very sumptuous.

 Dr. Satish Kapoor,Dr Abdul Hamid, Dr  Ranjit Singh, Dr Vikas Gupta & others worked hard for organizing this workshop.


Dr.Ranbir Singh Josan

Member CHSM Pb


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