One day Homoeopathic Seminar in Amritsar Organized by IIHP Punjab

On 11th of May one day seminar was organized by IIHP unit Amritsar, under the guidance of DR Ranbir Josan, Vice president of IIHP Punjab state branch. Where two eminent doctors have delivered there lectures. One was Dr Ravinder Kochhar MD President IIHP Punjab State branch and Dr Sayed Tanvir Hussain MD Secretary General Punjab State Branch. Dr Kochhar Started his topic Prophylactics In Homeopathy. He said Homeopathy has an important role to play, both as preventive & therapeutic, so far as prescribing is concerned.


Talking about Prophylactic medicines for mother during pregnancy he said:

1. To syphilitic mother to prevent disease in off-spring ---AMMONIUM MUR NAT.

2. To prevent recurrence of hydrocephalus in future children --- CALC PHOS

3. Malposition of foetus: Pulsatilla after 6th month of pregnancy and to avoid complication & Post-portem haemorrhage during labour ARNICA 200 at the 8th & 9th month of pregnancy.


About prophylactic for babies he said:

For Tuberculosis: Tubercul 200th 1M &10 M (one dose each at long interval- Kent)

1. 1st dose at age of 1 month

2. 2nd ,, ,, ,, ,, 3 yrs.

3. 3rd ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, 12 yrs.


Like wise he discussed about various prophylactics used in homoeopathy.

After Dr Kochhar Dr Sayeed Tanvir came up with his topic Body Language And its Utility in Homoeopathy. Regarding his topic he said Body language is a term for communication using body movements or gestures instead of, or in addition to, sounds, verbal language or other communication. He said it includes how we greet others, how we sit or stand, our facial expressions, our clothes, hair styles, tone of voice, eye movements etc. he further said that being a Homoeopathic physician we should be knowing the art of reading the silence of the patient, because from the statistics it is clear that our patient gives only 7% of his totality of his symptoms by narrating verbally and 38% by the accent of his language (tone of the voice) and the remaining 55% of his totality can be perceived by the physician only by noticing his appearance, body postures, gestures, facial expressions, eye contacts etc.

He said Body language is especially important in some special types of cases where the patient is not able to explain his complaints clearly or when there is lack of symptoms in the patients. Every physician comes across these types of cases in his clinics. In these cases one should note the following things in the patient.


1. Personal appearance of the patient.

2. Postures of the patient.

3. Gestures of the patient.

4. Facial expressions.

5. Eye contact.

6. Modulations in voice and

7. The use of space and distancing.


He said without understanding the Body language one cannot become a good Homoeopath, as he cannot take the complete history of the patientís symptoms and ultimately on the basis of this partial case taking he will prescribe a partial similimum and not the right similimum. And after prescribing right medicine to the patient we can cure him according to the Homoeopathic Principals, which is the high and only mission of the physician.


Dr Harbhajan singh

Vice President IIHP Punjab State Branch.

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