My Experiences with Sulphur in a case of High Grade Fever


DR. Pawan S. Chandak


As we see, majority of peoples of Maharshtra thinks that Homoeopathy is very slow acting, also same statement Management of High Grade Fever - Homoeopathy ?

Why ?

 But I believe that where our similimum, selection of medicine, potency & repetition of doses are correct then no ? & no failure.

 Just in last week my relative of long relation came at my clinic for the treatment of Chronic cold & coryza but at that time I had taken detail case that case was of 14 month age of  a baby with high grade fever with drowsiness, hot palms & soles, his body feeling hot, pulse rapid as present complaints. Actually in that there is no any present complaint of cold & coryza.His mother asked me with the help of Homoeopathy is it possible to manage this fever or without allopathic medicine ?

or Can we take allopathic medicines for present complaints ?

I examined that child clinically.

Itís my first paediatric experience in case of High grade fever but no doubt because I am confident with Homoeopathy.

Then I done analysis of that case.



      -    Activity decreased.

1        Dull in activity.

2        Drowsy.

3        Thirsty.

4        Hot palms & soles.

5        Irritable when mother is not near to him.

6        Body feeling hot to touch.

7        A/f  exposure to Sunheat.

8        Fever with normal appetite.


So on the basis of above symptoms I selected Sulphur 200 and by medicating sugarof milk with 4 drops of medicine and advised her to dissolve it in half ounze of warm water & give 2 spoon in interval of 1 hour 3 times.

After taking first dose of medicine within 1 hour patient falls into deep sleep. During sleep his temperature increased due to which his parent were worrying and were thinking to give allopathic medicine but after 2 dose of medicine temperature is slightly decreased. 1 hour after 3rd dose hotness of palms & soles were decreasing, he was slowly rising from sleep with perspiration all over body, demanding water to drink,  no heat of palms & soles, temperature on the path of normal value, no drowsiness. 2 hour after he became active and playing with his sister, laughing, no irritability.

In evening at 9 p.m. her mother called me and thanks me.

Actually they also surprised due to magic & excellent result of Homoeopathic medicine - Sulphur in very short time and due to which Homoeopathy got position in the mind of her Family members.



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