The National Academy of Homoeopathy, India which is now in the 31st year of its existence, is committed to widening its activities from its conventional role of conducting the biannual Postgraduate residential homoeopathic schools to biannual workshops in the memory of Late Dr. J.N.Kanjilal of Kolkatta.

The Central Secretariat (Nagpur) decided that the theme for Academy’s ninth workshop would be Miasmas and the venue was the prestigious Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Sanskrutik Bhavan, Pune. It was also the moment of installation of “Pune Core Group” of the Academy under the leadership of Dr. Abhijeet Joshi.

Education is the process of shaping the human mind, be it individually or collectively. Workshops provide an infrastructure and the 9th Late Dr. J.N.Kanjilal Memorial Workshop “MIASMA -09” was one such platform. It was a platform not only to create awareness but also to share information right from the history, meaning of the word, sources, vehicles to the clinical significance and cases managed by the knowledge of Miasms.

Indeed this was a long awaited topic since right from Hahnemann’s times; Miasm has been an ill-understood subject. The scientific program laid out was comprehensive covering the entire panorama of Miasms. Sessions were planned in a manner conducive to a good interaction between the faculty and the audience. The speakers represented an outstanding team of recognized homoeopathic experts in the field of miasmatology.

At the outset, the traditional samai was lit by all the Guests and rich tributes were paid to Late Dr. J.N.Kanjilal by Dr. Aadil Chimthanawala. Inaugurating the workshop, veteran homoeopath of Pune Dr. M. P Arya commented that the concept of Chronic Diseases has divided the homoeopaths into two groups – the non believers and believers. The former only apply the concepts of Similia, minimum and potentization in their practice whilst the latter adhere to all these and that of Miasms in principle & practice. Both senior homoeopaths, Dr. S. Katekari & Dr. S. Phansalkar (Director I.C.R: Pune) agreed with Dr. Arya on this point. They were very liberal in their praises for the speakers –Drs. Kasim & Aadil Chimthanawala. Dr. Katekari went on to say that it was the first time that deans of all homoeopathic institutes of Pune had conglomerated on a single dias and the credit goes to the Academy. Dr. P Sethiya (Principal D.S.H.M.C) & Dr. A.Jadhav (Principal Bharathi Vidhyapeeth H.M.C) also shared their views.

The first session was by Dr. Kasim. In his immaculate style he provided an insight of evolution of Dr. Hahnemann’s practice from Domestic (1790 - 1810) to practice only the laws of Similia, dynamization & potentization (1811-1827) and finally practice on the concept of Chronic Diseases (1828- till death). Vivid details were discussed regarding the necessity of the concept, genesis, retaliation that Hahnemann met upon its introduction, etc.

The subsequent deliberation again by Dr. Kasim dealt with what are Miasms, their types, attributes, planes of expression, Psora, Syphilitic & Sycotic Miasms, concept of eliminations, microbial relationships, healings, pathology, etc. The final lecture was on Tubercular Miasm with cured cases of Paget’s disease Breast and Primary Infertility & SLE.

Dr. Aadil Chimthanawala elaborated the role of Miasms in the management of Cardiac cases. He presented homoeopathically managed cases of Ischemic Heart Disease (psoro-syphilitic), Mucopolysaccharoidosis & VSD (psoro-sycotic), Rheumatic Heart Disease (psoro-sycotic) and Psoric Angina pectoris.

The Pune core group of NAHI comprising of Drs. Abhijeet Joshi, Yashodhar Bhalerao, Amit Tribhovan, Vyankatesh Kulkarni, Rupali Deshmukh, Shailesh & Sarika Doshi and others, accepted the challenge of hosting for the first time a workshop of national level in the city of Pune. They left no stone unturned in making the arrangements for its success so that the homoeopathic fraternity would enjoy the academic feast and their stay at Pune would be left with pleasant memories that will be cherished for a long time.



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