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Questions: Dr S. k. Vashisht
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Query: Such case records are welcome, it helps in gaining more confidence  among youn Homoeopaths. Dr Dhiraj nanda you had prescribed Calc carb 200 after Sulph 200, Calc carb is an Antidote /and inimical in relation to Sulphur, please do clarify?

Answer by Dr. Dhiraj Nanda:

Many times during the treatment of a patient we as homoeopaths tend to forget the following basics:

Homoeopathy treats the individual. If the individual demands the remedy we should give it. Many homoeopaths follow the theory of remedy follow-well and prejudiced with respect to follow up remedy as the already have a remedy in their mind. Dr. Hahnemann warned against construction of theories and being prejudiced. Our simple job is made more complicated by such theories. If patient demands (based on his picture) a remedy, who are we to deny that remedy, even if it is an antidotal remedy. This is one reason that we find many remedies mentioned in both follow well as well as antidotal relationship.

In this case, the change of remedy from sulphur to calc.carb. was associated with change at the level of mind where the anguish of loss of reputation had been replace by thoughts of loss of finance. This was an indication of change of syphilis miasm to sycosis at the level of mind.