Modern Homoeopathy

Monthly E-Newsletter December 2007

Letters to Editors


1. Dr. Isaac Golden

Dear Dr, 

I am writing regarding an article in your e-journal by Randall Neustaedter concerning homoeopathic "vaccines" (a wrong use of the term). He quotes my 1994 research, but this is out of date, and has not chosen to update his work with the latest data from myself and other researchers. I have sent him my 2004 doctoral figures which render some of his comments totally inappropriate and inaccurate. 

I find this rehash of an old extract from an out of date book Chapter very disappointing, and adds nothing to an informed debate on this important topic.


your sincerely,


Isaac Golden

Dr Isaac Golden
P.O. Box 695. Gisborne. 3437.
(03) 5427 0880


2. Naresh Kumar Gupta

My dear Pavan Chadak congratulations I liked your website very much. It is, of course,very interesting and nice one. God may you get success in your mission.
Dr. Naresh Kumar Gupta
Siddhi Vinayak Clinic,
Punjabi Mohalla, Janta College, Kichha
Pin- 263 148 Uttarakhand (India)

3. Dr. Ramesh Chandra Sharma

Hi doctor Pavan Chandak, I am really very glad to see your website; that is of course a nice site. Please accept my heartiest blessings for it.
Dr. R.C.sharma
Sharma clinic,
Teen Dukan,
Dhaharke Balaji,
Jaipur (Rajsthan)

4. Arun Kumar Sahai

Done well Mr. Chandak 
I would like to congratulate you for your website that is of course, a good attempt in the field of homoeopathy. God may you get a great success in your mission. Please keep it up.
From; Dr. Arun Kumar Sahai
Sahai homoeo-clinic
Baheri (Bareilly) U.P.

5. Dr. Sukh Lal Gangwar (Homoeopath)

Dear Dr. Pavan Chandak, please have my heartiest wishes for your newly launched website This work of yours is really appreciable. Please keep it up.
Dr. Sukh Lal Gangwar (Homoeopath)
Purani Galla Mandi,
Kichha (U.S.Nagar)
Uttarakhand (India)

6. Dr. Saroj Agrawal

Hello Dr. Pavan Chadak ! I watched your site and liked it too much. Please accept my heartiest blessings and congratulations for it. Your work is really appreciable that would be proved very helpful to the medical students and the practitioners too. God may you get a great success in your mission !!
Dr. Saroj Agrawal
Kichha (Uttarakhand)

7. Dr Prasanna Kumar (Mangalore, Karnataka)

hello.. dr Pawan,
congratulations for bringing out such a beautiful and informative on line journal. Your efforts will never go in vain. Keep up all your good work.
dr prasanna

8. Dr. Kumar

HI dr. Chandak! I would like to appreciate your issue of Nov. 2007, it is, of course, very attractive having a sound stream of knowledge. I liked most the articles on depression part 1 and 2 written by Dr. Sayeed ahmad. All the cases/articles written by you are doubtlessly very interesting and these are the pride of homoeopathy. God may you get success in your mission. Wishing you all the best,
Dr. Kumar