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Complaints are right sided. (except ferr mur -> left sided)


Chilly. (except ferr iod :- Warm)

Desires: Tomatoes ; Meat

Aversion: Eggs.

Affects the blood and hemoglobin leading to Anemia.

Congestion and circumscribed redness. Redness of cheeks.

Blood pressure:- Fluctuating. Increasing and decreasing (same theme seen in mental - forcibly holding on and then letting go suddenly ).

Menses:- Copious. Bright red.

All Complaints > Slow movement.

Shoulder rheumatism. Esp. deltoid rheumatism, right sided.

Headaches, Migraine, right sided.


Firmness is the keynote of the ferrum personality. They are solid, stable, steady and determined people.

They are very watchful about their personal space and boundary. They do not like any invasion or interruption. They like to remain steadfast and resolute.

Very Irritable. Any contradiction or opposition in their plans makes them very angry.

According to Scholten, there is usually a history of abuse in the childhood and they have grown up with the apprehension that they will be hurt by anything against them. Therefore they are always on guard.

This apprehension takes the form of being sensitive to other people opinions.


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