Diospyros kaki Creveld - Tree for the world


Marijke Creveld Ph. D.

On the 9th of August 1945 the plutonium bomb fell on Nagasaki announcing the end of the second World War. A large part of the city was totally destroyed and a great many people died. As by miracle one tree survived close to the epicenter of the blast.

This is the Kaki tree, the Diospyros kaki. Its capacity for survival makes this the tree for the world.

A Japanese artist (Tatsuo Miyajima) is planting shoots of this tree all over the world as a symbol of survival and growth in the most unlikely place (project Kaki-tree).

The power of nature to survive even though humans have made this impossible, as a symbol of transforming evil (war) into good (a message of peace, a tree for the world).

Cuttings of this tree can be found in Italy, Brazil, USA, and Japan. In the summer of 2000, a Kaki-tree was planted in the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden.

In 1995 Jeremy Sherr did a proving of plutonium. In my opinion this remedy has a lot in common with Diospyros kaki.

Plutonium is the explosive element of the underworld, whilst Diospyros kaki  is a fruit tree, a gift from the Gods.

The tree in Nagasaki has a link with the Gods, man, and the underworld.

Plutonium, symbol of darkness is very poisonous, death. Diospyros kaki symbolizes light. It detoxifies: survival/revival.

VSM has made a remedy of the Nagasaki Diospyros kaki tree at my request.

The material for the remedy was collected 55 years later round about the date that the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.



Botanical description.

Diospyros kaki L. (Linné) belongs to the Ebenaceae family. Ebony belongs to this family too.

(Synonyms: D. Chinensis Bl., D. schitse Bge).

In Holland we call it Kaki, Persimmon or Dadelpruim (date prune). It is a tree that grows in China and Japan. The tree is grown for its fruit in Israel and Southern Europe. The fruit is sold as Sharon fruit.

Diospyros kaki is a fruit tree that grows slowly. It can reach a height of twelve meters. It is deciduous. The leaves are egg- or lancet shaped, length 6 to 18 centimeters, wide 8 to 9 centimeters. The base of the leaf and the top are pointed. The upper side is dark green, glabrous and glossy. The underside is a lighter color and pubescent, particularly the veins. In autumn they turn red.

The female flower is three centimeters long and yellowy-white color. The calyx is a bit longer than the corolla and is divided into four parts below the middle with thick short hairs: the stem is straight and short, 1 to 1,5 centimeters. The male flower has a round tube. The fringe is half as long. The 16 to 24 stamen: the calyx is longer than the corolla. The fruit has the shape of a tomato or an apple. It has an orange, meaty or golden brown color, short stalks 3 to 7 centimeters with a big persistent calyx. It is edible (sources: 1, 2, 3).



In Japan and China it is a fairly common tree. Through the ages it was planted for its fruit, the fruit juice and its medicinal properties. In Chinese literature especially, it is part of a mixture of medicinal herbs. The following is mentioned in the description of the Kaki (sources: 5 - 15):

Brain: pressure on the caused by tumors, bleeding, encephalitis.

Hair: encourages the growth of hair.

Mouth: ulcers, it encourages salivation.

Air passages: sore throat, dissolves mucus, inflammation of the throat, cough and tightness of the chest, difficulty breathing, chronic bronchitis. It is an expectorant.

Digestive system: hiccough, appetizer, constriction of the lower part of esophagus, stomachic, reflux, laxative, diarrhea, colitis, piles, astringent in bleeding of the bowels, anthelmintic, liver and spleen.

Diuretic: encourages excretion.

Skin and mucus membrane: softens (demulcent), vitiligo, virulent sores and ulcers, stops bleeding (styptic), snakebites.

Blood: anemia, against hypertension, antihaemorrhagic, circulation, arteries and veins, arterial sclerosis, astringent at the flux, contractions of the vagina.

Fever: recuperative powers.


Cancer: tumor, leukemia (from a recent (1996) Japanese research, the dried fruit has a positive effect on leukemia) (source 4).

Chemical contents:

Many of the chemical substances are known. Just the following are mentioned because of their medicinal value: in leukemia: epicatechin (EC), epicatechin gallate (ECG), epigallocatechin (EGC), epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) (in fruitjuice) (source 4).

Antitumour compounds: betulinic acid, acetylcholine, choline, shibuol (source 9).



Diospyros is derived from: Dio = Zeus (God), and spyros = spirit / soul, or Dios = God and Pyros = fruit. Fruit of the Gods. Divine fruit.

Kaki comes from Ka = soul and Ki = energy, earth.

Sharon, the only known satellite of Pluto is called Charon, and was discovered by J. Christy (Universal Love).

Charon in Greek mythology was the ferryman of the dead. He carried the dead across the river Styx to Hades.

In Japan, there used to be a deep religious connection of the Kaki with life. Kaki fruit is still given as an offering at Shinto shrines. On the family altar at New Year’s eve and on All Souls Day, when the souls of the ancestors return to earth.

At the cemetery, cooked rice is offered on Kaki leaves for the unknown and nameless dead, like stillborn children.
The wood was used for cremations (source 9).

The Kaki has a traditional relationship to life, death, the souls of the ancestors and the unknown nameless dead, as is the case in wartime.


The power to survive.

The powerful positive energy of the Diospyros kaki and its capacity for survival has met in the tree at Nagasaki. It has managed to survive the deadly destruction of the Plutonium bomb and to survive this inferno. Everything was destroyed due to the enormous atmospheric pressure, the fire and the radioactive, poisonous plutonium. There was death all around, survivors had terrible diseases: thick scar tissue, internal bleeding, loss of hair, cancer, thyroid cancer, cancer of the stomach, intestines, lungs, bone, marrow, leukemia and enlarged spleens, birth defects due to changes in the DNA children with malformed (too small) brains.

Diospyros kaki as a species has the type of symptoms that could be the result of radio-activity. This can be seen in the use of the Chinese herbal medicine as mentioned earlier. The plutonium bomb and this Kaki tree both represent the end of the second World War; the end of destruction, domination, rape, death and people trying to escape.


Plutonium the destroyer, death.  Diospyros kaki survival, revival of hope.


The roots of the tree of Nagasaki are black, a greater part of the bark is black too. Under the bark is a completely white layer (cambium?). This white layer is specific to the tree in Nagasaki. Two other trees that were researched – one in Italy and one in the Hortus in Utrecht – do not have this layer. Black and white.


The tree for the world

The Kaki tree in Nagasaki is seen as a personification of the tree for the world by the artist of the Kaki tree project (source 17). The tree of the world has its roots in the center of the earth and is shielded by supernatural protectors. In the vertical sense it is the connection between heaven and earth (tree of knowledge).

In the horizontal domain of the earth, it is the fountain of life (tree of life) (source 16).

The latter relates to the ancient deeply religious relationship to life of the Kaki in Japan.

In the Edda (800 – 1000 BC, North Germanic and Scandinavian mythology) Yggdrasil is said to be the tree of the world. It connects heaven and earth. In the Edda it is prophesied that one day the Gods shall also disappear. This will be when spring does not return so that ice, bitter cold and darkness will go on for ages.  Humanity will be eradicated by earthquakes, floods and fire. Only the tree of the world  will survive it all. When the time has come, the trunk of the tree will open up to release a new race of people ( source 18).

As a recent symbol for the tree of the world Diospyros kaki is connected to God(s), man, all life on the planet and with the earth itself. It plays an important positive role in the survival of life on earth and in the history of mankind in the past, the present and the future.



In October 2000 a total of twenty three people did a dream proving of Diospyros kaki 200 K.

21 of them had dreams. Quite apart from this proving, six other people spent at least three nights with positive results. They held the remedy in the evening in their hands and placed it then under their pillows. In total there were nineteen women and eight men between 19 and 73 years of age. Three of them also took the remedy. I only mention the things that occurred in the majority of the dreams.

The theme of war:

The main theme is about survival, feeling safe, fights/quarrels, conflict. Raising the place to the ground.

Words like: battlefield, soldiers, asylum seekers.

A Russian wants to throw a German over the railing (17th  – 18th century).

A woman who has to defend herself against the robot (the atom bomb?).

Sexual rape with a vacuum pump; pumped air into the person after penetration (displacement of air by the bomb?).

Dream/vision on contemplating the material from the tree; a black swastika on a white background, surrounded by red (end of second World War?).

Leather belt around neck, unable to breathe. Stabbed in the abdomen.


Death after the bomb, death everywhere

Men bearing white coffin.

I see all kinds of statues – look like skulls.

I saw a street named “Death to all” .

Walking amongst tombstones, I came up on a tree.

Below, I see stone slabs usually used for tombstones.

A crow is flying close to the ceiling in a church.


Fire:  Everything is burnt away around the tree

Firemen …. Water cannon.

Someone set a woman’s hair on fire.

Burning in what looks like a heart.

I walked past a boy who touches my coat with a burning match.

In the distance behind us there is a menacing sky. Is it a thundercloud or smoke?

Proving on the original collected material: My son is sitting for his exams, he will probably have to do the fire experiment (test) again.

Dilapidated and crumbling houses: as a symbol for serious diseases

A very large and dilapidated old farm. The roof has partly come off. It was going to be rebuilt…..

A big building having been taken over by squatters. A dilapidated building with all its windows boarded up. The wide entrance barricaded with a metal bar.

A row of crumbling houses boarded up with planks of wood. In need of restoration.

A rather dilapidated house. You could see the sky through the crumbling parts.

I am, standing next to a tree with very loose bark. The bark is coming off.

Proving on the original collected material: They are chopping down the center of the wood where the old trees are. Only the outskirts with the new, young trees are left.


Diseases and elimination of substances: indication of actual diseases?

Neighbor talks about her illness, Parkinson’s’ disease, and the trembling of her hands. “The farm was diseased and F. named all kinds of diseases, it was the painters’ fault”. (Diseases caused by chemicals, for instance cancer caused by agricultural chemicals, asbestos, radioactive as in Chernobyl and radiotherapy (X-rays). Complaints due to chemotherapy).

The neighbor has no power left in her hands. Her hands were like feeble sausages.

She pointed at the diseased spots on the farm. In the center of the farm there is a “disease”, said the neighbor and she gave it a name.

A woman had a stool made of metal. White shiny metal of an airy substance. After this the powerful spell and adoration of the robot was broken and ended. (The remedy causes heavy metals to be eliminated, which probably means that both chemicals and radioactive matter are eliminated, so freeing her of its influence).

We have organized something so that S. can drive. She cannot drive due to strong psychiatric medication, she looks stupefied (medical detoxification?).

Rectum cancer.

Dream on the original substance from the tree. “My skirt is suddenly covered in blood, enormous bloody lumps and menstrual blood appears”. They are fleshy growths, fibroids.


Unbalanced state

P. not in balance, ….. looses his equilibrium.

I lost my balance, and landed on the glass.

I tried to straighten the bedcover, but couldn’t manage it.

Eagle flies as if out of balance and lands in an awkward manner.

Someone hands me a shining surface. It seems to go on forever but at the same time it is a round disk. I can manage to hold it in my hand. The surface is unbelievably beautiful, clear and shining”. (The dreamer experienced that as the ultimate balanced state).

Strange and misshapen creatures, change in the DNA

Monstrosity with a head with ears like a bat.

He has a kind of misshapen face. There is a hole next to his mouth (looks like a small ear or half a nose).

A non-human cyclist, a bicycle creature.

Fish with human faces, faces that look like a mask.

A strange creature: grey and white with a red open mouth. As big as a baby mouse with four legs.

“I notice that the testes are female” ( the dreamer saw this as a change in the DNA).

Dream on the original substance: two parallel strands are pulled and stretched to one side. Every now and then a tree is placed on both strands (two symmetrical chromosomes are elongated).


Heart and love

An eagle went and sat on my chest. I looked at her lovingly.

Heart shaped burning.

Love at first sight.

Love, the real thing, not love for sex.

Worked in Cardiology for six weeks (Tarot card six is “the lover”)


Religion, spiritual level

“The ark of the covenant” lies under the altar.

A congregation gathered in Gods’ name.

My brother I. has been busy making a part of a religious cloth. It is the coat of arms that belongs to the order of the Dominicans. Like a black and white cross.

My father was asked to celebrate mass. He knew the whole mass in Latin.

A large Christmas wreath was attached to the ceiling with fine glassfibres called “Angels’ Hair”.

The eagle came flying through the top of the tree and settled on my chest.

There is a magic spell painted on the wall. We are allowed to use it.

We are on a spaceship. The stairs take us to ….?

In real life one of the dreamers had a feather belonging to a bird of prey fall off the wall three times in a row (something that never happened before).

One of the other dreamers had a ceramic bat fall off the wall.


Cleaning, moving house, refurnishing

Words like: vacuum cleaning, tidying up, to give the kitchen a good cleaning out, taking a shower, dusting, bought a new vacuum cleaner, got some new toothpaste, gave the baby a bath.

Elimination/expulsion of metal.

Big barrel of water and an aggressive toilet cleaner (the dreamer only uses environmentally friendly cleaners; this is the chemical burden). “Are you going to wash your hair in this?”

Washing up machine was totally filled up with soap.

Dirty house and filthy toilet: the house was rebuilt.

To furnish a house.

To do up the sweat-hut.

Move to bigger more spacious house; to move house and refurnish it.

Scrape and remove the paint with sandpaper in order to repaint.

On the original material of the tree: behind frosted glass I can see memories of the past lives pass by, as they are tidied up.


White and (black)

White coffin. White heron. White dress. White swan. White coat. White cone. White table cloth. White face with a black dangling tongue. White shiny metal. Black and white cross. Trousers with white as basic color.

Visions: as if they were standing on a black bit of earth (two people had this). One of them had a lighter border around the black.


Some other themes are: trees, stones, water, floating in the air.


To illustrate this I will now describe three complete dreams.


Dream 1: Breaking the power of the robots

A 49 year old man had as theme in his dream: surviving by eliminating chemicals; battle.

The end of the power and the adoration of the “robot”.

First night: there is a tree and an unknown woman, who are connected in some way or other. They were one. Later on the tree became a woman.

Second night: “Once again, it is a woman, she was a real live woman who had to stand up to a robot. Everyone - an unspecified number of people who were standing around them - were convinced the woman would succumb, but she had no fear. She would show it the measure of her strength, she would just show him.

She proceeded to relieve herself, with the result that her stool was made of iron (metal), the power of the robot and the “adoration” spell was broken and finished.

I wrote down iron, but it might just as well have been platinum. In any case it was a shiny white metal. It wasn’t a heavy mass, it consisted of some airy substance. Everyone regarded it with admiration”.

Dream 2: An ailing farm

A 36 year old woman has a theme in her dreams of serious illnesses caused by chemical substances. Chemical burden; clean up / detoxify; safe; white.

“In my dream my neighbor F. told me about her illness (Parkinson’s) and the trembling of her hands. We were taking a walk in a farmstead. It was an old building with wooden beams and a somber atmosphere and F. showed me all the spots where the farm was sick. She named all kinds of diseases (illnesses connected to paint).

H. (her husband) stood outside in a big tank – a big barrel with boiled water – spraying a toilet cleaner into it (we only use biologically degradable stuff). The other neighbor said: “ Are you going to wash your hair in that!?”.

Just before, F. had totally lost all power to use her hands, she threw her arms in the air and tried to push against a wooden beam. Her hand were like rubber sausages.

Right in the middle of this farm there is an illness, said F., and she gave it a name. Right at the end of the farm another illness lurked. I felt it was overdone to say the farm was sick and whilst she was talking about it I had the idea: “You’re the one that made it sick”.

F. wore a pair of trousers with white as its basic color. It was raining outside”.

The feeling the dream prover had, was to stay inside that would be safer. This came from a kind of fear. The farm was dark, it had a low roof. It felt safe to be hidden inside.


Dream 3: A much needed cleaning session; an eagle with love

A woman aged 51 has a dream theme that is all about cleaning, renewing; anger; a dilapidated house; spiritual; off balance; heart – love.

In stead of taking three weeks holiday, I spent the first two weeks sanding and scraping cupboards so that I could repaint them. The cups were covered with dust and also had to be cleaned.

A. had bought a second house on his own. I didn’t like that, I was upset about it. We went there. It turned out to be a fairly dilapidated house, You could see right through the dilapidated parts. The house stood amidst banks and old trees.

An eagle came flying towards us. She flew straight through the top of a tree. It was an awkward maneuver. She flew right at me. I was lying on the ground. She jumped from the ground onto my chest. She rested there for a while. I felt love and looked lovingly at her. After a while she flew away.


Some physical and emotional symptoms

Some of the provers said that after the dream proving their sense of wellbeing was much improved. They described it as follows:

A lot of things have been sorted out between my friends and me.

My relationship to God became more refined. A medicine for profound transformation. Especially to heal bits that got passed on by our mother but did not quite survive the journey.

To learn to accept all that happened in my life, then and now. It has brought me closer to my center and made me realize that all is ok. That nothing was without purpose.

An intense sense of peace in my pelvis, as if no sound existed in that spot.

Well rested after a short night’s sleep. A sense of well being. Inner peace.

A sense of warmth in my heart (chakra) on waking.

Delusion: As if the ceiling came down”. (This sensation was so strong that the prover ducked).

Delusion: “I heard the tinkling of glass as if something fell over upstairs”. (Both delusions occurred upstairs).

Some hard, fatty lump under my pubic hair that had been there for one to six years gets smaller and disappears altogether in four months.

Extremities: clumsy, bad coordination, left and right, up and down. Because of this, fingers get trapped in a door. I cut my finger, stub my fingers/toes. Drop things or end up sitting on them (two provers).

Skin: Itching on back, upper arm under my jumper after walking (perspiration) as if ants are marching on my skin.


Case 1: “mentally retarded” since the war

A seventy two year old woman with the following complaints. Depressed, she cries a lot.

Her feelings are hurt because someone copied the way she walks (she walks with braces). She stammers a bit. Lonely. What is the purpose of my life? I want to die because of the gossip.

Cataract operation, hearing aid for both ears, leg broken in an accident (brace), high blood pressure and palpitations. Had rickets as a child, and TB.

She is prescribed Aurum MK. Six weeks later the depression is partially relieved. I feel powerless. I gave her Radix Viburnum MK (remedy for sense of powerlessness).

Four weeks later depression has improved, but she keeps on talking about not feeling safe, insecurity.

I prescribe Terra MK (first remedy I developed for insecurity) After this remedy the following picture appears: a girl is wearing white socks, her legs are together she is standing on a pitch black patch of earth, with a lighter border around it. There are some black things rising up that look like flames. She keeps on talking about security. It all started during the war. She wasn’t safe outside in the streets. She got teased at school and at home she felt insecure because her father had a relationship with another woman. This woman came to live with them. Her brother was taken away by the Germans during the war. This is when she started stammering. She was given a test and was labeled mentally retarded (she is certainly not retarded).

Ten months after Aurum, she is given Diospyros kaki  MK.

At first she is very tired. She cried a lot on the first day. After that she is calmer, more collected. A month later she feels much brighter. Her depression has leveled off. She feel less threatened and insecure. The stammering is much improved. She has defend herself in a normal way in various situations. Her energy is much improved.

Four months after Diospyros kaki everything is still fine. Her frightening image of standing there in her white socks on the earth, is a bit better, but is still there. She does not like to be alone. Diospyros kaki MK is repeated.

After two weeks she feels much better. She has had a vision: there is a hole behind her, she fell into it headfirst. She did not know where she was. It was not a nasty experience. Since then the vision of the girl with white socks has gone.

Consultation one year after taking Diospyros kaki the first time: weakness in the muscles of her back for four months, resulting in walking difficulties. Due to this she was depressed and cried for a week. After a week this improved. Doctor would like to operate. She does not want that and discusses it with the doctor in a good manner. She is not depressed anymore and sleeps well.

She says: “ I would like to live to a hundred years old. I hope to experience a lot of things yet. I am learning a lot at the moment.” Untidiness does not bother her so much now. She has bought a small table so she can start painting in watercolors. She says:” I always needed others, now I realize I can do it on my own.” She says she has become more bitchy. This tells me she has become more assertive.

She does not want any more homeopathic treatment for the weakened back-muscles. She says she wants to achieve that by doing excercises.

Was prescribed on:

1.       war trauma

2.       insecurity

3.       white (socks) and black (the earth).


Case 2: Tired since radio- and chemo therapy.

Woman, 58 years old, married, two grown-up children. She looks very tired, her cheeks are hollow and she looks yellow. She wears dark glasses and has a strong odor that you sometimes find in cancer patients. She has been exhausted for years now ever since radio- and chemo therapy. She is irritated; can find no peace.  Seven years ago she had one breast partly removed, because of breast cancer. One year later it had reoccurred on both sides. She has had six weeks of radio therapy. The cancer has been removed by surgery including the glands in the armpits, followed by an experimental kind of chemotherapy that took ten days in the course of several months. Ever since then she is exhausted, her hair is thinning out, she is deaf to high tones, has numbness in her feet, vertigo (her balancing organ is damaged). The joint of her thumbs and knee are worn out,  melanoma on her leg (was removed three years ago). For years she refused to wear white socks, as they reminded her of wearing them to the operating- theatre.

History: Tonsils removed as a baby. At six, inflammation of the middle ear. At twenty-two cyst on her ovaries. At thirty-six uterus removed due to heavy menses. At thirty-nine hernia operation (right leg). She is very compassionate and is always helping others. Never allows herself any rest. Doesn’t complain. She is the youngest. The child born before her died. Their were some miscarriages before her birth. After she was born, they lived close to a railway track that was frequently attacked by the Germans: “I was in a pram in the garden. It was hit. During a pause in the shooting they took me out of the pram. After this we were evacuated with my grandparents and with Jewish fugitives we were sheltering.”

Prescription: 5 times Diospyros kaki 10 MK once a week.

Six weeks later: I observed that she looked less yellow, more pink, less exhausted. She is more active. She says: I distribute my energy more evenly, I reduce the number of tasks I take on. She doesn’t think her energy is any better. Is more easy going and does not allow herself to be rushed by others, less agited, sleeps better. Numbness of feet, deafness and vertigo unchanged.

Prescription: 30 x Diospyros kaki 30K every other day.

Two and a half months later (four months after the first prescription). The yellow complexion and the odor have disappeared. Her energy is much better. She says: “The hurried feeling has gone. I can read a book again.” She undertakes more activities with her husband, sleeps better. Says: “Energy level is the same. Numbness feet, hearing and vertigo are the same.”

Prescription: once a month Diospyros kaki MK.

Nine months after firth prescription she says: ”Energy is fair.”  Faster recovery when she has a dip in her energy-level. Complexion continues to be good. Lately others have been saying she looks well.

Twelve months after first prescription: she looks fine, her energy level keeps on getting better.

Quite soon after repeating a remedy, she feels her energy get a bit better.

Was prescribed on:

1.       physical burden due to radio and chemo therapy,

2.       war-trauma

3.        white (socks)

With the dream proving the picture of Diospyros kaki is not complete, the research is still going on. I am thinking of its use as a remedy for war trauma in the first, second and third generations. Also if it came up in dreams and images.

Trauma caused by the occurrences like the fireworks explosion of Enschede and the fire in Volendam in the Netherlands and the event on the eleventh of September in New York.

Cancer, leukemia, that can be traced back to a radioactive source or other poisoning, Chernobyl, asbestos, Balkan war-syndrome (war – uranium – leukemia), the negative results of chemo- or radiotherapy.

In the meantime 15 months of practical experience with this remedy has been gathered.  This remedy has been prescribed by my colleagues and myself with positive results.

Diospyros kaki was given to people who had complaints due to war or fire trauma. These can be due to psychological or physical scars due to the disaster. These can occur in the first second or third generation or can be experienced through reincarnation. We also have the first good results concerning the people who had radio/chemo therapy. In their dreams, visions and fears, there is a theme concerning white (and black). Two of these cases are included in this article.

One of the patients had complaints due to the war, and the other had chemo/radio therapy six years ago and also has war trauma.


A new remedy: Diospyros kaki, is described both as a dream proving and symbolically: fruit of the Gods, light and hope, a gift.

The Diospyros kaki remedy is derived from the (Kaki) tree in Nagasaki, surviving the plutonium bombing of the city in August 1945.

A botanical description is given as well as Phytotherapeutic data derived from literature (such as leukemia).

Themes from the dream proving include survival, war, danger, rape, fire, house falling into decay, death, deformed creatures (DNA – changes), heart and love, spiritual and cosmic themes, balance and awkwardness, cleaning, moving from one house to a better one, diseases, excretion of chemical agents, trees, stones, water and the color white.

Also included are two cases. One of the patients had complaints due to the second World War, and the other had chemo/radio therapy six years ago and also has war trauma.



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Mrs. Miesje Meijer – de Wolf


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