Computer Vision syndrome and Homeopathy





Today's life become  easier than before  by various technology. Today's society is going to become paperless .We can not imagine today's life without computer. Nowadays computer become part of  education, business, e-trading, socializing, chatting and recreation. Number of people use computers are increase like mushroom growth. With this increase in use of computer ,certain health problem by computers also increase Among computer related problem , computer vision syndrome  is most common, others are  carpel tunnel syndrome, eye strain, strain injury., we try to know  computer vision syndrome and homeopathy.



Computer  vision syndrome  is complex of eye and vision related problems ,that are experienced during or related to prolong computer use.



Blinking is necessary to keep eyes moist and relaxed. Less blinking causes excess of evaporation and lead to dry eye. Constant working on computer by long hours focusing on computer screen, ultimately lead decreased in blinking reflex. Normal blink rate  in human eye is 16-20/minute. During constant computer use, it decrease to as low as 6-8 blink/minute. Trying to near focusing for long hours  cause strain on ciliary muscle of eye and finally patient feels heaviness on eyes. Some patient of 30-40 years of age cannot focus properly on near object and ultimately leads early Presbyopia.






ARGENTUMS NIT: Complaints due to overwork. Muscles around eyes become tired. Patient feels better by closing eye or pressure. Aggravated by overheated. Good remedy for restoring power of weakened  cilliary muscle

ARNICA: Cnstant close focus cause sore feeling on eye. Fatigue due to overwork. Patient desire open eyes and feel dizzy on closing them. Backache due to overexertion.

RUTA GRAVE: Chief remedy for eyestrain due to overuse of eye muscle. Patient has watery eyes, oversensitive to light. Stiffness and pain Ultimately lead to headache Patient feel pressure behind eyeball. Difficulty to focusing eye.

CONIUM MAC: Artificial light or overwork cause eyestrain. Photophobia. improper night vision. Patient has foreign substance sensation as brain go to sleep. Aggravation on night, Amelioration by pressure and dark room. Seing black spot from fatigue. Headache with lancinating pain on vertex , semilateral.

NATRUM MUR: Continuous reading or school work lead to weak bruised feeling in the eye, stiffness of muscle around eyeball. Eyelid  feel heavy and lastly person complain of headache. Person feel that letters on screen board runs together. Constant computer typing cause numbness and tingling in the fingers. Person can not hold the things. Backache relieved by putting hard things under back.

THUJA: Good remedy for cramp in fingers. Tips of fingers tough ended. Feel dead.

CROCUS SATIVA: Patient complain of constant blinking after eyestrain, and reading a lot.

EUPHRASIA: After continuous eye work  problem start. Watery eye. Burning and swelling lids Sticky mucous on cornea so patient blink often.

KALMIA LATIFOLIA: Stiffness of eyes eyelids. aggravate by moving eyes. Vision weak or impaired with nerve pain in face, teeth. Joint or muscle  stiffness. Shift from place to place .

XANTHINAM: Good remedy for backache. Patient has pain on coccyx area. Patient can not sit on hard surface and put soft pillow below while sitting .

PILOCARPUS: Good remedy for eyestrain cause may be whatever.  Slightest use cause tired feeling of eye. Nausea and vertigo after use of eye. White spots before eye.

SENEGA OFFICINALIS: Remedy act on rectus superior. Patient has sensation as eyeball is too large for orbit. Object looks shaped. Hypersensitive to light. Headache with pressure and weakness of eye .Pain in temples, bursting pain forehead. Double vision ,dry eye, ameliorated by bending head backward .




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