Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

Parbhani, India




  Choking can be induced by a wide variety of causes such as discharges like vomit, mucus, or blood and from a foreign object such as food. When a person is choking there will usually be a red face, difficult breathing, difficult speech, coughing, and they will clutch the throat. If the person is unconscious there will usually be difficult breathing and sounds as if they a choking. Often the obstruction will clear itself before serious hard can take place, but if not, the face will turn blue, and the person will become unconscious. All of this will take place in a few minutes so a speedy response is needed. The first thing to do is to try and clear the victim's mouth and throat of blood, vomit, mucus, or any foreign object that may have become lodged. If this does not work and the person is starting to suffocate, bend them forward or turn them on their side, and give them three of four sharp thumps on the back between the shoulder blades with the heel. Repeat this maneuver after a few seconds if it does clear the air passages on the first attempt. The percussion method will usually work if the throat is not severely obstructed.

  If the percussion method does not work the next thing to do is the Heimlich maneuver, which is also called the "abdominal thrust". Bend the person forward, stand behind the victim, and place your arms around there abdomen from behind. Place the fist of your left hand just above the navel making special care not to put direct pressure on the xiphiod process or ribs. This small bone can be broken by crude technique that is done too high on the body. Grasp the fist with you right hand and pull in sharply thrusting in and upward beneath the breast bone. This produces a strong increase in pressure in the chest cavity causing forceful expiration that will dislodge the obstruction. Repeat this technique a few times if necessary. If this does not work, try to remove the obstruction with your fingers, or if you can see it, a tweezers. If this does not work, and the victim becomes unconscious, apply artificial respiration and try to kept the person alive until help comes. Use the homeopathic remedies for asphyxia (refer). If you can not inflate the chest, and all else fails, put the victim in recovery position and use the remedies for those who are dying. The emergency services should be called as soon as possible.

  Infants are always putting things in their mouths as well as just learning how to eat. Every mother and father worries about them choking daily. If a infant or a young child is choking try to clear the mouth of any obstructing matter. If this does not work hold the child face down over your lap, or upside down an thump their backs with less force than you would us as an adult. If this does not work perform the abdominal thrust with you the pads of two finger on the stomach area instead of your fist. Be careful not to injure the child. If there is any soreness after using the Heimlich maneuver, give Arnica, and if it persist, have the individual examined for injuries.

  Homeopathic remedies are effective in removing the residual pain after choking. In certain cases they may help to remove small bones, splinters, or small lumps of food that are lodged. They will help to heal any damage to the tissue


Materia Medica


APIS (2). Throat constricted with stinging pains. Uvula swollen, edematous, and sac-like. Fiery red margin around leathery membrane. Feeling as if a fishbone in the throat. The patient is intolerant of heat and better > by cold. Jealous, figidity and hard too please.

ARNICA (1). Useful in removing the mental and physical shock of choking. Soreness after removal of a foreign object, as well as any manipulation or procedure that was carried out. Simple uncomplicated cases.

ARGENTUM NIT (2). Sensation as if there was a splinter in the throat on swallowing. Raw, rough and sore. Strangulated feeling. Patient is worse < warm in any form. Better cold and fresh air. (modalities opposite from Hep.) Hurried feeling as if time passes too slow. People who like to perform.

CAUSTICUM (1). Food feel as if it has lodge in the throat. Splinter-like feelings. Very sympathetic to the suffering of others.

HEPAR SULPH (3*). When swallowing there is a sensation as if a plug or a splinter in the throat. Stitches in throat extending to the ear when swallowing. Impeding suppuration. Very chilly patient, worse < cold and better > warmth. (modalities opposite of Arg-n.. Very irritable, the slightest cause upsets him. Hasty speech.

IGNATIA (1). Feeling of a lump in the throat that can not be swallowed. Tendency to choke, globus hystericus. Strange symptoms; stitches when not swallowing, or between swallowing, better > swallowing solids. Choking fits from psychological causes.

LACHESIS (3). Septic changes, throat is purple, blackish, dusky, very painful, especially on the left side. Feels suffocated, can not bear anything tight around the neck. Feeling as if something is swollen that needs to be swallowed, worse swallowing saliva of liquids, pains into ears. Very talkative, constantly changes the subject.

MERCURIUS (2). Constant desire to swallow, salivary secretions greatly increased. Tongue swollen, flabby, teeth indented. Stitches into the ears on swallowing, fluids return through the nose. Sweats without relief. Creeping chilliness. Unstable temperature control, worse < both hot and cold. Mistrustful. Slow and hesitant in response.

NITRIC ACID (2). Throat has white patches and sharp points, as from splinters, on swallowing. Hawks mucus constantly. Pains into ears. Very irritable, hateful and unforgiving. Headstrong and vindictive. Everything is somebody's fault.

SILICA (1). Helpful in removing small foreign objects. Prickling as if from a pin in the tonsils. Parotid glands swollen. Useful in yielding, gentle, passive temperaments.




CHOKING - arn., Apis., Arg-n., caust., HEP., Ign, LACH., Merc., Nit-ac., Sil..

bone, in throat sensation of a - Apis., HEP., Ign., lach., Nit-ac.. Sil..

fishbone, as if a - Apis..

bread crumbs, sensation of - LACH., NIT-AC.,

hawk > - LACH..

food, lodges in the - Caust., LACH., NIT-AC., Sil..

globus hystericus, tendency to choke from emotional causes - IGN..

hair, throat, sensation as if - lach., nit-ac., Sil..

prickling as if from a pin in the tonsils - Sil.

splinter, as if from - Apis., ARG-N., caust., HEP., Ign., Lach., NIT-AC., Sil..

breathing, when - Arg-n..

moving, neck, when - Arg-n..

extending to ear, on turning head - HEP..

yawning, on - HEP..

swallowing, on - Apis., Arg-n., HEP..

swollen uvula , edematous, and sac-like - APIS..

strangulated feeling - ARG-N..

swallow, constant desire to. produce saliva - MERC..

tight, can not bear anything - LACH..

white patches and sharp points, as from splinters, on swallowing - Nit-ac..


Reference from

'Gems of Modern Homoeopathy' by Dr. J.D. Patil & Dr. P.S. Chindak