Modern Homoeopathy

Monthly Newsletter December 2007

A case of Gall Bladder Stone & Ureteric Calculi cured by Homoeopathy


Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

Name: ABC

Age : 60/M

Occupation: Farmer

Chief Complaints: A Patient aged 60/M having pain in right hypochondrium extending to scapular region, back. Recurrent acidity. Burning pain in epigastrium. Acidic Dyspepsia. Nausea & vomiting from rich food. Distention in the abdomen better by eructations. Sour eructations. Flatulence. Patient is sensitive to pressure of clothing.

Pain in left lumbar region extending to lower abdomen.

Joint pain right sided.

Past History: Rheumatism since 3 years.

Family History: NAD

Physical Generals:

Patient is thirst less.

Desires for Sweets.

Appetite: Normal. Hungry at night.

Thirst: Less

Desires: Sweets

Sleep: Sleep on right side

Thermal Relationship: Hot patient.

Physical Examination:

During Examination there is tenderness in right hypochondrium and right subcostal region.

General Examination:

Pulse: 74/min

Bp: 130/80 mm hg

Investigation: Before Treatment: USG Report dated 17/10/06

Evidence of single large echogenic structure of size about 18.0 X 13.1 mm having posterior acoustic shadowing GB lumen suggestive of Gall Bladder Calculus.

Evidence of grade I dilatation of left sided pelvi-calyceal system with sgnificantly dilated left ureter secondary to single ER calculus of size 5.5 X 4.2 mm in left lower ureter about 5 cmc proximal to left VUJ favors suggestive of Left Lower Ureteric Calculus.

Abdominal USG reveals evidence of

1) Left sided pelvi-calctasis with left V-U-J edema.

2) Secondary to left lower ureteric calculus.

3) Gall bladder Calculus noted, no associated cholecystitis.


USG of The Patient Before Treatment



Rubrics considered from Synthesis Repertory during repertorisation are


- STOMACH - ERUCTATIONS - gallstones, with

- ABDOMEN - PAIN - Liver - colic, gallstone

- ABDOMEN - PAIN - Liver - eating - satiety; to

- ABDOMEN - PAIN - Liver - extending to - back

- ABDOMEN - PAIN - Liver - touched, when
- KIDNEYS - PAIN - ureters - left side


First Prescription:


Lycopodium 200 single dose

Placebo x 2weeks

Cardus Marians Q. 10 drops 2-3 times a day as per severity of gall-stone colic.


Follow up:


Improvement in acidity, flatulence. Pain in right hypochondrium decreased. Pain lumbar region i.e. Ureteric colic decreased.


Lycopodium 1 M single dose

Nux Vomica 200 prescribed during acute attacks of ureteric colic & also in gall stone colic.

Cardus Marians Q. continued 10 drops 2-3 times a day.

Placebo for 15 days


Follow up


Improvement in Gall stone colic & ureteric colic. No acidity.





Improvement in all complaints. USG repeated


After Treatment USG dated 12/12/06

No Gall bladder calculus.

No Cholecystitis. No hydronephrosis. No ER Renal Calculus. No VUJ calculus.


USG of The Patient After Treatment


Case Cured by

Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

‘Shradha’ Vishnu nagar,

Basmat Road, Parbhani

Maharashtra, India