The National Academy of Homoeopathy, India conducted the 11th Late Dr. J.N.Kanjilal Memorial Workshop on Cancer- CARCINOCIN 2010 at Dr. J.N.Kanjilal Auditorium, Shaad Homoeopathic Hospital Complex & Research Centre, Nagpur on 5th &
6th March 2010.    

On the 1st day a mega Homoeopathic camp for Cancer patients was held “Hahnemann Hall”, Sitabuldi, Nagpur where 120 patients sufferring from variety of cancers in different stages of the disease, benefitted.

Even their immediate relatives were administered either Carcinocin or their constitutional medicine (after detail case taking).

A registery of such patients has been prepared and now a strict 5-year follow-up would be kept. 

Apart from Drs.Kasim, Sagira, Aadil & Fatema Chimthanawala, Drs. Vijaykrishna (Bangalaru), Dr. Manohara Pandit (Mysore), Drs. Dipti Sikdar, Pratibha Dangre, Meenal Poshettiwar & Aboli Shembekar (Nagpur), Drs. Jai Kukreja & Abhinav Garg (Gwalior), Drs. Anand Shrivastava & Upendra Tripathi (Allahabad), Dr. Dipti Mohiber (Bhusawal) & Dr. Garima Asati (Jabalpur) offered their services.      

On the 2nd day, the workshop commenced by paying glowing tributes to Late Dr. J.N.Kanjilal by Prof. Dr. Sagira Chimthanawala.

Dr. Aadil Chimthanawala presented a slide-show of the life of Dr. Kasim on the occasion of the Founders Day Celebrations.

Dr. Pratibha Dangre spoke on the past 10 Dr. J.N.K Workshops. Prof. Dr. Kashinath Gaurkar (Chandrapur) was felicitated with

the Homoeo Ratna Award for his exemplary services in the field of Homoeopathy. 

Likewise, several cancer Patients who have been successfully  managed by homoeopathy at the Academy received the “Victory over Cancer awards”.

The first speaker was Prof. Dr. Kasim Chimthanawala. He deliberated on the Miasmatic evolution of cancer - describing the differences between psoric, tubercular, syphiltic and sycotic cancers, case types and management approach along with several cured cases (Pagets Disease of Breast, Glioblastoma multiforme, lymphoma and Cancer of tongue). He also highlighted the statistics of benign & malignant tumors managed at the Academy’s hospital. Dr. Shriram Kane (Haemato-oncologist, Nagpur) lucidly described the subtle and coarse clinical features of Leukaemias, Lymphomas and Multiple Myeloma along with the basic and advanced investigatory work-up that even a family physician can follow in his / her clinic.

Dr. Syed Tanvir Hussain (Malerkotla, Punjab) displayed 2 documented cured video cases of Leukaemias from his practice. He beautifully covered the aspects of dosage schedule, 2nd prescription and managing patients coming after chemo or radiotherapy.

Dr. Ashish Chikale (ENT Surgeon, Nagpur) spoke on the exciting factors of oral cancers, their prevelance in Vidarbha and the type of surgeries that can be offered to such patients.

Dr. Sara Chimthanawala (Nagpur) outlined the role of “Positive Visualization” in patients and treating doctors that can be achieved through Pranayam, Yoga and Meditation.

Drs. Chandok (Chandigarh) and Dr. Ranbir Singh Josan (Amritsar) also emphasized the same and gave examples from their clinical practice. Finally, the icing on the cake was added by Dr. Vijaykrishna (Bangalaru) who spoke on lung cancers, their maintaining factors, miasmatogenesis and a video of a cured case of Ca lung with bony metastasis (Lobelia & Kali Carb). He along with Dr. Manohara Pandit (Mysore) further conducted the “Homoeo Quiz - 2010” where 5 teams participated. Drs. Fatema Chimthanawala & Jai Kukreja were the Masters of Ceremony. All in all it was indeed a touching finale to the world cancer month that instilled a fresh enthusiasm in the participants to fight Cancers with Homoeopathy.

Report By

Dr Abhinav Garg,
garg homoeo clinic,gurri house,
opp.olyai hospital,dal bazar,lashkar,gwalior.
ph. - 9300617778