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Monthly E- Newsletter August 2008

A Case of Cancer Larynx
(post-radiotherapy diffuse thickening of epiglottis and surrounding areas)

Cured By

Dr. Dhiraj Nanda (Hyderabad, India)


Analysis & treatment by Dr. Dhiraj Nanda


Presenting Complaints

•This patient, 63 year old, came in first week of April 2004 with marked hoarseness of voice.

•He presented report of plain and contrast CT scan of neck.



 H/o presenting complaints

•Patient’s son took money from his relatives for new business.

•But there was loss in business and he could not repay and left Hyderabad.

•The patient was unaware of this fact.

•He came to know only when relatives asked about whereabouts of his son.

•He always used to help others so everyone helped his son.

•He said that whatever good name he had in his relatives has been spoiled by his son.

•After six months he started with hoarseness of voice that was later diagnosed CA larynx.

•The patient returned from his pension amount the money that his son had loaned from his relatives.


Past History

•Legs-Itching ,watery discharge   since 40years

•Fall due to giddiness;

•Decrease voice

•Consult to ENT –Ca larynx.


Physical Generals

•Appetite        :           Normal

•Thirst             :           Thirst less

•Stool             :           Normal

•Urine             :           Normal

•Sleep            :           Normal

•Desire           :           Sweet

•Thermals      :           Hot



•He has returned money that his son had loaned from relatives.

•Patient has a sixth sense.

•He always used to help others.

•Complaints started after he felt that his reputation has been spoiled.

•He has returned money that his son had loaned from relatives - Conscientious

•Patient has a sixth sense - Clairvoyance

•He always used to help others -Benevolence

•Complaints started after he felt that his reputation has been spoiled - A/F reputation loss


Understanding the patient

•Mind – Benevolent; Clairvoyant; Conscientious.


            Thermals – Hot

            Desires - Sweet

•Cause – Loss of reputation


Repertorial Analysis



Miasmatic Analysis

•Response of patient – deeply hurt, felt whatever name he had earned has been lost.

•The cause – Loss of reputation – Syphilis.

•The disease belongs to Syco-syphilitic miasm.

•To treat syphilitic disease one should consider the syphilitic aspect of the patient. 



Miasmatic Rubrics

•The remedy in this case comes out very clearly even if we consider two Syphilitic rubrics

–Ailments from loss of reputation; and



Miasmatic Repertorial Analysis




•The remedy of choice is Sulphur.

•The potency of choice is 200.

•Remedy given Sulphur 200.

•Follow-up Sac lac 200 three times a day.




•Some improvement in feeling of being let down by son;

•Physical generals good

•Remedy - Sac lactis  200/BD



•Improvement in hoarseness of voice

•Physical generals good

•Remedy -Sac lactis  200/BD



•Has started feeling more cold (in June)

•Are Thermals changing to Chilly?

•Thirst also gone down. Not feeling thirsty.

•Is a change of remedy required?

•Other physical generals are normal and the patient is feeling active.

•Remedy – Continue Sac lactis 200/BD.



•Patient feels weakness.

•Cough after drinking.

•Patient is thirst less and chilly.

•On enquiring about state of mind patient now talks about loss of money and not loss of reputation.                   

•Change of remedy is definitely required. So we analyze the present picture before us.        





•Remedy of choice – Calc. carb.200/1 dose followed by Vital force 200 BD.



•Overall improvement;

•Continue Vital force 200 BD.




•But skin eruption on left leg; was given antibiotics for 5 days

•Thermals towards hot.

•Salivation increased.

•Some hoarseness of voice is still present.

•Remedy of choice - Sulphur  30/1 dose.

•Continue Vital force 200 / BD.



•Feels no change from last 2 times; Feels improvement has slowed down.

•BP 160/100 mmHg

•Remedy - Sulphur  30/1 dose followed by Sac lactis 30 /BD.



•Physical generals better.  

•BP 150/90 mmHg  

•Remedy - Sac lactis 30 /BD



•Sever burning of skin in legs.

•BP – 140/90 mmHg             

•Continue Sac lactis 30/BD.



•This winters cracks are less on legs but burning continues.

•Advised to apply coconut oil / Vaseline.

•Continue Sac lactis 30/BD.



•Burning in legs presents, some days it is severe other days not so severe.

•Physical generals are normal.

•Some degree of salivation and hoarseness of voice still present.

•Advised CT scan.

•Continue Sac lactis 30 / BD.





•Physical generals are normal.

•Minor ailments have been affecting the patient on and off. Other wise he has been relatively symptom free fro last two years.

•Advised CT scan.

•Continue Sac lactis 30 / Bed time only.



© DR. Dhiraj Nanda, Hyderabad.