Calendula Officinalis - the Antiseptic remedy


Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

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Common name: Marigold

Family: Compositae.

 Calendula is native to Europe but because of its beauty and adaptability Gardeners have spread it around the world. The flowers range in color from mild yellow to deep orange and because of their intensity have been called "Golden drops of Sunrise ". "Caleds" means first day of month. This flower blooms on the first day of month on at lease once a month.

Calendula belongs to same family as those often   great vulneraties Arnica and Bellis Perennis. It is useful for Lacerated wounds and suppurating wounds.

Unlike Arnica Montana it has no irritating property capable of producing erysipelas if we use it as local application in broken wounds.


Some Experiences by our Masters:

Dr. Jahr who was in Paris during 'coup d Etat' of 1949 treated a number of cases of Gunshot wounds with comunited bones and saved several limbs by means of Calendula. It prevented suppuration and Pyemia.

C. Crosby gives it internally (in the 3 x) as well as externally. He has also had excellent results from its use as a hot compress (an ounce to a pint) in pneumonia and often internal inflammations.

Copper gives this modality < in cloudy weather (the flowers close when dark cloud passes over.

In Germany it is regarded as a "Cancer Cure".

A Correspondent of Homoeo World mention that a friend of his who chewed for a minute of a leaf of Calendula noticed that it entirely removed for some days a difficulty of passing water. Such as is commonly met with in old man.

"C.W. himself a Pharmacist, noticed the following effect on himself when making the fresh plant tincture. "There was such a feeling as if some overwhelming calamity was hovering over me as to be almost unbearable, three years  ago, just after making the tincture my old enemy the gout nipped me in the middle of spine and in three days spoiled all my powers of walking and then the dreadful feeling becomes very much exaggerated". His experience led him to conclude that Calendula   acts on Spinal cord.

Physiological action: It acts mainly on Circulatory system, the capillary vessels become partially paralyzed and consequently receives more blood which attract large amount of blood cell together with Viscosity on adhesive quality

Clinical Utilities:

Calendula officinalis is the chief homoeopathic medicine for wound. It is magical in its ability to sooth pain, stop bleeding, promote rapid healing and prevent scarring.

It is also an excellent antiseptic thereby preventing infections.

It should be part of every midwifery's bag of neck.

In Obstetric practice it is invaluable. The application of a sponge saturated with solution of calendula after delivery gives the greatest comfort to the patient.

Calendula preparation are widely used as an external application available in the market as liniments, lotion, ointment, cream and antiseptic powder.

Cosmetically calendula juice is used as hair coloring agent which gives yellow and golden color. Calendula is mixed with Chamomilla, lavender for making baby oil and cream.

Calendula is used internally preferably in low potency to treat septic condition.


Dr.Willium Boericke has written in his Materia Medica:

" A most remarkable healing agent applied locally. Useful for open wounds, parts that will not heal, ulcers etc. Promotes healthy Granulations and rapid healing by first intention.

Locally aqueous Calendula for all wounds. Internally tincture to third potency. Use Calendula cerate for burn sores, fissure and abrasion.

Calendula contain essential oil, oflavonal, glycosides, saponins, triterpene alcohol, sterols, carotenes, Xanthophills, polysaccharides, tannins and other constituent contains much nitrogen and phosphoric acid.

Calendula is indicated when the individual feels worse in damp, heavy  cloudy weather. There is tendency to get cold easily and is great affinity to cold. As the season shift from Summer to Chilly fall days, many people are susceptible to cold and flues. I think Calendula gives us important hint not only by surviving but also thinking through the shift in season.


Therapeutic Indications:


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