Presented by Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

Calcarea acetica.

Calcarea ars.

Calcarea brom.

Calcarea caust.

Calc chlor.

Calc citrica.

Calc Fluoric.

Calc formicum.

Calc hypophos.

Calc hydroid.

Calc lactica.

Calc mur.

Calc metallicum.

Calc nitricum.

Calc oxydata.

Calc picrica.

Calc oxalia

Calc stib sulph

Calc fluor.

Calc carb.

Calc iod.

Calc phos.

Calc sulph.

Calc sil.


Fat, flabby and obese (Except Calc. phos)


All calcareas are chilly (except Calc iod and Calc sulph.)

Local or general coldness. Local coldness in epigastrium, palms, soles, vertex, etc.


Red congested face, flushed face.

Congestion felt in arteries, veins, eyes, ears, chest etc.

Flushes of heat.

Slowness, sluggishness, torpidity :

This is found at both mental and physical level.

At physical level, lack of reaction & delayed healing.

In children : Delayed milestones. Delayed teething.

In adults : Late menarche. Dwarfism. Dull, lethargic, obese patients.

At mental level :

Slow learning & grasping.

Affinity or bones and glands.

Bones, brittle, easily fractured, deformed. Delayed ossification. Glands hypertrophied and indurated.

Discharges :-

Profuse, white aluminous occasionally yellowish.

Tendency to bleed easily.

Bright, red, profuse, continuous flow. Menses - too early, too profuse, long lasting.

Craving : Indigestible things; like chalk, charcoal, pencil, earth etc.

Aversion : Tobacco, coffee, meat milk aggravates.

Tendency to spasms and convulsions.

Skin : Unhealthy, oily, waxy, shiny.

Pains : Throbbing shooting, pricking. Burning pains here and there.

Periodicity :- moon phases.

Cannot tolerate tight clothing, esp. around the waist.

Modalities :

< Cold in general. Damp weather.

< Exertion

> Heat in general.

> Rest.

> Lying on abdomen.

Mind :-

The remedy is prepared from the middle layers of inner part of the oyster shell. Thus one of the features of calcarea is protection and withdrawal. They withdraw and make a protective layer around them.

Another strong aspect of Calcarea is anxiety and fear. There is a theme of insecurity. The fears & anxieties centre around issues such as money, health. When these basic aspects are not secure, they develop strong despair.

The calcareas are constantly worrying about what others will think about them. Ref. "Delusion that others will see her confusion" Therefore there is a strong sensitivity to criticism. They get affected by their environment very fast and coupled with a lack of ability to meet a challenge, they become stubborn and obstinate.

Lack of initiative. But otherwise responsible workers. Slow but steady. However they are not too competitive or ambitious.

Plenty of fears and phobias, like fear of heights, disease, poverty, future, that something will go wrong.


Tend to be plump, tired and have weak resistance to infections. Usually have slow delayed development. They are nice, but obstinate. The child is usually curious, asking questions about religion etc. Plenty of fears and anxiety, esp. concerning security.

Lack of stamina is indicative of calcarea.

Calcareas are intellectual but the imbalance between the physical and mind is at fault. Due to this imbalance and also their passivity, they develop depression, despair and lose interest in work / business.

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