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Monthly Newsletter November 2007

Book Review

 Analytical Repertory of symptoms of The Mind
        (Second Reprint Edition - 2000)


Author -                         Dr. C. Hering

Publishers -                 B.Jain Publishers  Pvt. Ltd. India
Price  -                           Rs. 60/-  ( Book Code B2280)

Book Reviewed by :  Dr. Shajikutty (Trivendrum, Kerala)

          A book usually overlooked in the undergraduate level. An indispensable book for the ardent student, who wish to specialize in analysis of mind & psychosomatic diseases. Moreover a golden work ( also handy for us) by Dr. Hering .Once followed it will sharpen your homoeopathic understanding to that of the masters.
          This book is based on the aetiological factors of mind leading to physical symptoms or diseases . For case analysis the totality should be constructed in three factors (1) ethological peculiarities of the case (2) leading characteristic symptom of the case (minimum of three with there concomitatants) , (3)pathology behind the illness & finally selection of the remedy with reference to Materia Medica.
          After the initial description of how to work a case in the introduction ,the chapter on arrangements of  chapters - 48 in number (pages 29 - 52)explains the contents of chapters in brief. Instead of alphabetical order (the author has disregards for the same ) the hahnemannian schema is followed with Hering's addition of chapters like Nerves, overexcitements, convulsions weakness, lameness , all the limbs, rest position - motion, times of the day, relation to space, tissues, stages of the life etc. etc. completes the holistic image. This portion should be thoroughly learned .As we get only the headings instead of chapters with numbers, itis difficult to follow in the beginning.
          Grading of remedies is four in category 1) somewhat proved remedies,2)more proved remedies,3)used often,4)very often & 5)polycrest.Remedies are given in left margin with markings -in alphabetical order which is unique & easy to remember. Only confirmed remedies as mentioned in S.R. Phattak's version of Synoptic Key.
          In the main portion headings are described as in Boenninghausen's TPB. After that there is an appendix & index of remedies at the end. After each major heading there is model cures with the source which is clinically important.
          There are scores of physical symptom that originates with etiology in mind -for working out such cases, this  book is essential. Model cures after each sensation is very informative to the reader. Really a book to be recognized & to be followed by every homoeopath.

Book Reviewed by: Dr. Shajikutty

                                      Medical Officer Govt. Homoeo Dispensary, Guruvayur, Kerala


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