Modern Homoeopathy

Monthly E-Newsletter December 2007

Book Review

Title - Temperament Types - A study

Author - Dr. Parinaz Humranwala


Book Reviewed by: Dr. Shajikutty (Trivendrum, Kerala)

Publishers - Nina Foundation , 240/11, Shankar Sadan, Sion (E) Mumbai.400022.

Price - Rs.70/-

Pages - 48

Available at - National Journal Of Homoeopathy Book Club , Milan clinic, Santacruz (W). Mumbai


A truly valuable contribution from a teacher who keeps a passion for Homoeopathy in its true spirit. The personality traits of five temperaments namely, Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic & Nervous are detailed in short& very nicely . After the reportorial description of important remedies we can read a crystal clear personality trait presentation in short words ,as well as pictures. Few drugs are mentioned below each temperament . There after famous characters from  popular films highlighting that temperament is interesting. Important remedies of  twenty two in number which have mixed proportions of temperaments are explained .

In the end we have five selected cases mentioned in which the similimum derived after reportorisation personifies the temperament of the case before.
Altogether this short monologue is a gem to sharpen your holistic approach in selection of similimum.

This book is vital for the BHMS Students also, as the details of temperaments is very scarce.

A good book worth for practitioners also.

We expect more in future  from the learned personality of Dr. Parinaz of the Mumbai School Of Homoeopathy.

Book Reviewed by: Dr. Shajikutty (Trivendrum, Kerala)