Book Review

Title: 50 Millesimal Potency in Theory & Practice

Author: Dr. Harimohan Choudhari

Book Reviewed by : Dr. Pawan S. Chandak BHMS

Title: '50 Millesimal Potency in Theory and Practice'

(Its importance, Specialty, Preparation and Administration with Case Records)

Third Revised and Enlarged Edition According to Hahnemann's Organon, Sixth Edition.

Author:              Dr. Harimohan Choudhuri

Published by: B Jain Publication, New Delhi

First Edition:          1983

Second Edition:     1986

Third Edition:         1990

MRP:                  Rs. 39.00

Pages:              106


About Author:

Dr. Harimohan Choudhuri has studied Homoeopathy in East Pakistan Homoeopathic Medical College (Now called Dr. Zakir Hussain Homoeopathic Medical College), further enriched his knowledge and experience under Supervision of Dr. Khagendra Das Choudhari and Dr. Chandra Kumar Kastogir of Chitatong, Bangladesh.

He is reputed, brilliant and successful doyen of Homoeopathy has spread in Bangladesh as well as India.

His contribution, publication, writing are:  Translated 6th edition of 'Organon of Medicine' in Bengali, Chief Editor of 'Ajker Homeo Pragati', Chied Advisor of - 'Homeo Samiksha'

His Approach: He advocates realistic and materialistic outlook in Homoeopathy as against idealistic view hitherto prevalent.

About Book:

At present a good number of doctors use 50 Millesimal scale of potency. His book on this subject in Bengali and English have earned International reputation as a beacon light of Hahnemann's 50 Millesimal Potency in the world.

In Third edition one new sub-chapter has been included regarding administration of medicines in descending scales. He mention that 'dilution in lieu of ' potency which is more scientific.

This book is based on Principles '6th edition of Organon of Medicine' and secondly on more than 20 years of practicing experience with 50 Millesimal Potency. This Book is almost an English Version of Bengali Book 'Panchas Sahasratamic Paddhatir oushadher Prayog Bijnan' for wide circulation about hidden treasures of the Organon, latest edition.

In this book he has focussed on 50 Millesimal potency on the basis of concept of Organon & details about 50 Millesimal Potency mentioned by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Organon of Medicine.

Also details about Preparation, Mode of administration of 50 Millesimal potency medicines, Advantages & limitation of 50 Millesimal Potency, Application of 50 Millesimal Potency in different condition, various routes of administration like oral, olfactory & external rubbing etc.

He also has given instruction how to avoid medicinal aggravation of 50 Millesimal scale of potency.

He also shared his experience in treating & curing cases with the help of 50 Millesimal Potency.

Finally after going through book I can say "This edition is more informative and helpful to the profession".