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Bird Flu is not yet happening through humans to human contact (but maybe in Pakistan there has been a case of human to human transmission) which is the real threat, but for certain the virus is steadily mutating towards this inevitable result, say the experts.

Bird Flu risks quickly becoming a really serious epidemic flu. It is nothing like ordinary epidemic flu in consequences. Calling it a flu is very confusing and helps obscure the seriousness of the situation.

When flus like this have arrived before, many tens of millions of the fittest people died in three months (1918) before the epidemic ended as suddenly as it started. This is well documented.

We do not know when or how severe the epidemic will be when it comes, but that it definitely will happen and within a few months or years seems likely.

Preparedness for the epidemic is minimal because it is hard to plan for even the least severe option, and it will not be a high profile world event until many people die from it.

The Minister of Health in England recently announced a raft of measures to deal with bird flu like vaccinations, antibiotics and facemasks and said that they expected a two and a half percent mortality and that the epidemic was well overdue, but what he didn't say was more important. He didn't point out that his vaccination programme is not likely to be ready in time, that the antibiotics won't save the lives for the worst cases and that actually he has nothing to offer of real significance.  He didn't point out that the total panic that will take over the world when bird flu really happens will paralyze all societies.  There are probably global UN secret plan for what to do in a bird flu epidemic, like stop all airline flights immediately but this is most unlikely to work as in 1918 it spread around the world in 10 days without any aeroplanes to help.  The birds alone can do that and they don't have passports or travel restrictions.

I have studied the problem seriously for several years now and my conclusion is that conventional medicine has little or nothing to offer and homoeopathy has a huge amount to offer in the treatment of bird flu but that probably most people and governments will not use homoeopathy until it is too late and when most of the damage is over. 

The big issue is a mortality rate. In the best case assumptions it will be two and a half percent, with that about 150 million people dead.  But there is no track record or statistics that can be relied upon in this situation as we just don't have records going back a thousand years on bird flu.  The mortality rate at the present moment is around 70% with intensive care facilities and the assumption is that the mortality rate will drop as the epidemic shift from animal to human to human to human.  This is a theory based on very little evidence.

If we look at this from spiritual point of view and the view epidemic diseases as intelligent and having a purpose then we can consider the situation of the planet and global warming and is fairly obvious that there are too many people right now with no plan in place to reduce the population.  The one thing no one's really talking about is reducing the population dramatically as we have no solutions for it, no ways of doing it kindly by agreement.  From this perspective the bird flu has the intelligence to bring about in a massive reduction in human race so that the long-term future of the human race is assured; we could see this as an intelligent process.  From homoeopathy we know that we cannot suppress symptoms and the only way to truly deal with the problem is to shine consciousness upon it so that the person becomes healthier through the resolution of their symptoms otherwise the problem is bound to repeat in the same form or another. This is what is so obvious in cancer treatment of the conventional sort.  In not treating the cause they have a poor outcome.  So I think that it's very likely that will bird flu will be catastrophic and have a wonderful effect upon the human race at the same time.  I think is even likely that if any attempts are made to try and reduce the human effects of bird flu that is likely to come back with increased virulence in waves rather like the Black death but in a faster fashion.  Right now the world needs a massive population reduction, that is my conclusion.  And at the same time I think homoeopathy could effectively stop this.

So my belief is that homoeopathy will be ignored by the majority of the government's politicians and scientists and medical people the world when it comes to bird flu so that in practice the bird flu will be catastrophic.

But that does not mean that we cannot treat the bird flu successfully and we should I think do everything in our power to make bird flu treatment available as soon as we can.  It's obvious that there is a possibility that one single remedy will treat all of the bird flu cases and all we have to do is to wait until we have enough symptoms is to identify that remedy.  That's one approach that should be sufficient to help most people through the bird flu and reduce the death rate by at least 10 times, based on previous experiences recorded within homoeopathy in epidemic is. There is another approach which is to make a nosode and this should be effective and actually we already have a nosode from 1918 which may be effective enough. 

I have another method which I developed because I think that during the panic that will happen when the bird flu starts there will be no post and no delivery and no movement of people so that unless you have your homoeopathic approach already in hand you don't have a solution.  Now obviously if we identify in time or rapidly at the beginning the actual remedy that is commonly available we can mass-produce it locally and use it widely.  That is definitely a possibility.  For this we need to put in place a homoeopathic emergency centre staffed by competent homoeopaths of high-calibre ideally in one location but networked around the world to key homoeopaths so that we rapidly arrived at the indicated remedy.  And likewise we could make the remedy locally once we have evidence of its effective provided it is a common enough remedy and not something very obscure.  But I'm very convinced that we will be able to rely upon post and delivery and things like that so you must have in-house preparations.

Since I think that the most effective method of delivery will be of the Internet I have already created a bird flu remedy which can be delivered over the Internet and you can see my solution on I have created a new ways of delivering a homoeopathic remedy by engrafting the same information that is transferred by potentisation onto music.  So it is aural rather than oral. The advantage of the healing downloads that I have created is that you can listen non-stop until you get relief and then repeat as often as you like.  We have seen this work effectively in things like acute malaria and ordinary influenza.  You just listen and listen until you feel better.  And you can continue again whatever you like.  And it's free and available from every computer worldwide now and can be downloaded onto CDs and MP3 players and anything that plays music.  It's like there's 100 million homoeopathic pharmacies already and working.  Obviously I could prove that this works already by playing this music to a bunch of chickens with bird flu.  But as you can imagine what I'm suggesting is already very hard to believe for homoeopaths let alone trying to persuade research centres with very tightly controlled procedures to consider my solution as anything but ridiculous.  Obviously we don't live in an open-minded world where when you have a problem that is outside the box you consider the other options.

So that's my solution and I would have all possible solutions available that homoeopathic profession can produce as I have outlined above.  And I really expect them to work and work good enough so that one lives through it and recovers.  What I don't expect to work is the conventional approach that has been offered so far by the medical profession and governments.  Why I do expect to happen is something absolutely catalytic and a BC/AD like event that reduces the world population very significantly after which we develop a sustainable human race and a sustainable environment in which to live. Not because we are acting intelligently but because the most of the world is currently burying its head in the sand and pretending it will not happen and will be offering solutions that do not work.  That is the way the world currently is.


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