Presented by Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

Baryta acetica

Baryta carb

Baryta iod

Baryta mur


Marked action on growth.

Mainly or affections of children and old age. Children retarded and defective mental / physical development. Tardiness of development of organs. Dwarfishness in children. Enlarged glands esp.adenoids

Slowness, sluggishness.

Slow comprehension, slow in action, movements.

Tendency to enlargement of glands.

Chronic enlarged tonsils and tendency to suppuration. Adenoids.

Tendency to catch cold.

Great sensitivity to cold air. Chilly ++.

Diathesis - scrofulous.

Offensive excoriating foot sweat

Mind :

Bashful Timidity. Shyness. Fear of strangers is very well marked.

Children do not want to play. Hide behind furniture / mother in presence of strangers.

Very sensitive to criticism. They feel that they are worth nothing and feel that they will be laughed at or ridiculed.

Enormous lack of self confidence. Do not take up any responsibility as they feel that they will not be able to do it. They avoid company and people.

Irresolution which stems from the lack of confidence and timidity.

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