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Sphere of action :- Blood; Bones; Mind.

Constitution :- Scrofulous personality. Redness of face, hyperaemia or fullness of blood vessels.

Heaviness and fullness of various organs.

Hyperaemia of organs and blood vessels.

Ulceration of soft parts and perforation.

Heart :- Enlargement, hypertrophy, increased activity and fatty degeneration.

Pains < at night.

Craving for and ameliorated in open air.

Bones :- Caries syphilitic affection.

Miasm :- Mainly syphilitic miasm.

Modalities :- < Night

< Prolonged exercise

A/F :- Abuse of mercury.

Mind :-

Melancholia. Depression.

Feeling of self condemnation and self-reproach.

Very intense, idealistic people who set up high goals and who want to be the best.

When these goals and aims are frustrated in some way, they get devastated and go into depression and finally develop "Suicidal thoughts".

Duty conscious and very responsible. Usually a history of excessive responsibility and strain.

Deep religious conviction and spiritualism.

Egotism, < Contradiction.

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