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Monthly E-Newsletter December 2007

Asthma & its Homoeopathic Approach


Dr. Pawan S. Chandak BHMS


In managing asthmatic cases his present history, time of occurrence, modalities, condition worsening or ameliorating asthma, time modalities, accompanying symptoms, concomitants, past history of major illness, history of skin disease, allergy, urticaria, family history of asthma should be asked & concentrated. Treatment history should be taken including Asthmatic medications, Steroids, Inhalers should be asked. Steroids & inhalers should not be immediately stopped if patient taking it since long period it should be slowly decreased & then completely stopped as patient starts feeling without these medications. To control acute attacks of asthma & Drug-dependent Asthma cases, help of Specific homoeopathic medicines for Asthma like Aspidosperma, Blatta Orientalis, Senega, Grindelia, Justicia etc should be given in tincture form on as per indications. Constitutional Treatment is the best to cure Asthma permanently. For recurrent asthmatic attacks Anti-miasmatic medicine should be added like Medorrhinum, Sulphur, Thuja etc.  

Repertorial Approach:

Common rubrics on Asthma from Synthesis  Repertory Edition 8.1:

MIND - ANGER - accompanied by - asthmatic respiration
MIND - LAUGHING - asthma; with
MIND - WEEPING - spasmodic - asthma; with
HEAD - PAIN - alternating with - asthma
NOSE - SNEEZING - hay asthma, with

FACE - DISCOLORATION - bluish - asthma, in
MOUTH - ODOR (breath) - fish brine, before asthma attack
THROAT - PAIN - stitching - asthma, before
STOMACH - ANXIETY - asthma, in
STOMACH - ERUCTATIONS - asthma; with
RECTUM - DIARRHEA - asthma, then
FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - MENSES - suppressed - asthma, with

- accompanied by

- ASTHMATIC - hay; from

- air draft of, cold, war air

- alternating with

- anger after

- bending head backward amel.

- children

- coition after

- cold

- coughing aggn

- drunkards

- dust from inspiration of

- eating after

- emotion after

- eruption after suppressed

- exertion after slight

- flatulence from

- flowers from

- hysterical

- jealous after

- leaning backward

- lying

- measles after

- menses before, during, after

- Milars' s asthma

- moon, full

- music aggn

- odors aggn

- periodical

- perspiration

- rash after the suppression of acute

- sailors as soon as they go ashore

- sitting upright amel

- sleep coming on during

- smoke

- spasmodic

- sudden attacks

- talking aggn

- thunderstorm during

- vaccination after

- warm room in

- weather change of

- winter

RESPIRATION - ASTHMATIC - hayfever, during
RESPIRATION - ASTHMATIC - miner's asthma, from coal dust
CHEST - DROPSY - asthma, with
CHEST - EMPTINESS, sensation of - asthma, during
CHEST - ERUPTIONS - rash - alternating with asthma
EXTREMITIES - DISCOLORATION - Upper limbs - blue - asthma; with
EXTREMITIES - ERUPTIONS - Upper limbs - rash - alternating with asthma
EXTREMITIES - ERUPTIONS - Forearm - pimples - alternating with asthma
EXTREMITIES - ERUPTIONS - Forearm - rash - alternating with asthma
EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Joints - gouty - alternating with - asthma
SKIN - ERUPTIONS - alternating with - asthma
SKIN - ERUPTIONS - rash - alternating with - asthma
SKIN - ERUPTIONS - rash - oppression of chest and alternating with asthma; with
SKIN - ERUPTIONS - urticaria - alternating with - asthma
SKIN - ERUPTIONS - urticaria - asthmatic troubles; in
GENERALS - FAINTNESS - asthma, from

Homoeopathic Therapeutics:

Common Homoeopathic medicines for Asthma:

Antim Tart: Useful for Asthma with rattling of mucus in chest with pale, cyanotic face, prostration, coldness, cold sweat on forehead, must sit up to get air < 3 a.m.. There is great rattling of mucus in the chest but very little expectoration and that too without relief.


Apis Mellifica: Useful for Asthma with suffocative feeling. Patient feels that how he can take anothe0r breath.


Argentum Nitricum : It is useful for pure nervous asthma with spasm of the respiratory muscles and marked dyspnoea worse in crowded, stuffy or warm room. Patient wants doors and windows open, like cold air, cold drinks, cold things.


Arsenic Album: It is a prime remedy in Asthma with aggravation after midnight and lying down and great anguish and restlessness. Also useful for asthma complicated with emphysema - expiration being much prolonged. Patient must sit up and incline chest forward. There is great dyspnoea with despair which abates as soon as raises frothy saliva or thick mucus sometimes even streaked with blood < cold things, lying down, midnight, 1-2 pm, 12-2 am

> warmth, warm food.


Aralia Racemosa: Useful for Asthma in which dry, wheezing respiration with sense of impending suffocation and rapidly increasing dyspnoea < inspiration. There is loud, musical whistling during inspiration and expiration but louder during inspirer. He could not lie down otherwise he would suffocate if he did not sit up. Patient has constant desire to clear chest so that he could breathe easier. Expectoration at first scanty then more copious warm and scanty.


Arsenic Iod: Useful for occasional asthmatic attacks in pthisical and psoric patients < night. Patient must sit up to breathe. General feeble expiration accompanied by great debility and burning in chest.


Bromium: It is useful for Asthma of sailors as soon as they go ashore. Patient feels as if he could not get air enough into his lungs, expands his chest to the utmost and breathes very deeply, as air does not go in enough on account if narrowing of the opening of larynx or constriction of glottis. Sensation as if air passages were full of smoke. Dyspnoea < lying down, night. Sensation as if breathing through a sponge.

< inspiration, lying down in bed, seashore.


Cuprum Mettalicum: It is useful in Asthma when the spasmodic element predominated with constriction of the throat, face gets blue and atmost goes into convulsions. Violent attacks comes suddenly and cease suddenly.

< at night, before and during menses, from mental emotion.


Ferrum Mettalicum: It is useful for Asthma worse after 12 O clock, at night. Dry tickling cough < morning, > lying down. Dyspnoea better by gentle walking.

< night, emotion, anger, heat & cold.

> gentle motion, leaning head on something.


Drosera: It is useful medicine for Asthma of consumptives. There is periodical fits of rapid, deep barking, choking, prolonged and incessant cough. Cough seems to come from the abdomen, takes the breath away, compel holding the sides followed by retching, vomiting first of ingesta then of mucus. Asthma when talking with contraction of throat with every word uttered. Harassing cough as soon as head touches the pillow at night not during day.


Graphites: Useful for Spasmodic asthma. There is suffocative spells arousing from sleep, must jump out of bed and eat something to ease the difficulty of breathing. Patient is sensitive to cold in winter and heat in summer. Suited to fat, chilly, costive.

< in warm room and desires open air.


Grindelia: Useful for Asthma with stoppage of breathing on falling asleep, wakes with a start and gasps for breath. There is profuse, tough, whitish expectoration which relieves the suffering.


Ipecac: It is useful for Asthma in stout persons of lax fiber, adult or child, who are sensitive to warm, moist atmosphere. There is a constant feeling of constriction of chest with shortness of breath together with a violent, incessant, wheezing cough and rattling of mucus in chest, yet none is expectorated. There is threatened suffocation with very difficult expiration, worse from least motion.

Ipecac is followed by Arsenic.


Lobelia: It is useful for Asthma with great oppression and weak sensation in the chest which seems to come from the epigastrium, spreading into the chest with nausea, profuse salivation and a feeling of a lump in the stomach; often preceded by pricking all over, even to fingers and toes.

< from any exertion, slightest motion, cold, tobacco.


Lycopodium: Useful for Asthma from abdominal irritation with marked flatulence. Asthma better by belching and by hard fanning.


Kali bichromicum: Useful for Asthma worse from 3 to 4 am liable to return in summer when chilly; relieved from sitting up and bending forward and finally by the expectoration of stringy or ropy yellow mucus. It differs from Arsenic in this feature of tenacious mucus.


Natrum Sulph: Useful for asthma excited or made worse by every spell of damp weather; hydrogenoid constitution, sycotic basis. Dyspnoea with rattling in chest at 4-5 a.m., cough with profuse, thick, glairy, greenish expectoration. There is looseness of bowel after each attack. Patient must sit up and hold the chest during the attack. Indicated for Asthma in children.


Nux Vomica: Useful for asthmatic attacks brought on by gastric disturbances, in persons of irritable, bilious temperament, with a feeling of fullness and oppression in stomach, particularly after a heavy meal. A constricted feeling at the lower part of chest, relieved by loosening clothing, belching and by recumbent position, raising the trunk and turning to the other side.


Zingiber: Used in severe paroxysms of asthma of gastric origin, coming at night towards morning, but with no anxiety.


Rare Remedy for Asthma:

Commonly used rare & specific homoeopathic medicines for Asthma are Grindelia, Senega, Pothas, Blatta Orientalis, Aralia Racemosa, Justicia, China etc. It should be used as per the indications.


Justicia: It is useful for acute catarrhal condition of the respiratory tract. Useful for coryza fluent, acrid with violent sneezing, coughing or asthmatic attacks. Cough with tightness of chest as if it would burst with bronchial rattle, obstruction of breath and sneezing.

< closed room, dust, noise, eating.

Senega: Senega known as Snake-root affects the mucous membranes causing catarrhal symptoms especially of the respiratory tract and bladder. Dry, scrapping in chest < talking. Cough is incessant, strangling, violent, shaking, choking ends in sneezing < lying down at night, side or evening. Loose rattle in chest but the clear, profuse sputum is tough and slips back again. Chest is sore from coughing, pressure, sneezing or moving arms, in spots as if bruised, stitching pains on stooping. Sensation as if a crushing weight or weakness starts in chest. Chest feels as if too narrow. Useful for Asthmatic bronchitis of old people with chronic nephritis or emphysema.

Aspidosperma: It is called Digitalis of the lungs (Hale). It removes the temporary obstruction to the oxidation of the blood by stimulation of respiratory centers, increasing oxidation and excretion of carbonic acid. It is an effective remedy in many cases of asthma. It stimulates the respiratory centers and increases the oxygen in blood. 'Want of breath' during excretion is the guiding symptoms. It should be given in tincture 10 drop doses every hourly in acutes.

Blatta Orientalis: It is remedy for Asthma when associated with Bronchitis. Indicated after Arsenic when this is insufficient. Cough with dyspnoea in bronchitis and pthisis. It acts best in stout and corpulent patients. It should be given in lower potencies during an acute attacks. It acts better after the spasm for the remaining cough.

Biochemic medicines For Asthma:

Kali Phos: Indicated in nervous Asthma. It is chief remedy for the breathing and depressed condition of the nervous system. Should be given in repeated doses. Indicated for Hay Asthma & Hay fever. Asthma from least food.

Kali Mur: Useful for Asthma with gastric derangement. Tongue is coated whitish or greenish, furred and mucous white and hard to coughing when this occurs with depression of breathing alternates with Kali Phos.

Natrum Mur: Useful for Asthma with profuse frothy mucus. It should be alternated with Kali Phos when the tear streams due to fear. Whenever he cough spasmodic jerking with each inspiration.

Calcarea Phos: Useful for Bronchial Asthma as intercurrent medicine. Secretion are clear and tough. Child gets a suffocative attack on being lifted up from a cradle.

Calcarea Fluor: Useful for Asthma in which when speaks or small lumps are brought up after much excretion. It should be alternated with Kali Phos. These lumps being of yellowish mucus. Oppressed respiration. Epiglottis feels closed or as if breathing through a thick substance.          

Magnesia Phos: Useful for Bronchial asthma with yellowish expectoration worse in warm room or in hot atmosphere. Cough with much rattling of mucus. In Asthma when the patient's attack come or after taking food and his color becomes bad or when there is rapid emaciation. By that time Kali Mur is recommended.

Silicea: Useful for Asthma on a cachectic base. Breathing so difficult that the eyes protrude from their sockets, door and windows must be opened, always during thunderstorm. Silicea work as a positional remedy with Natrum Sulph for eradication of disease.


Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

‘Shradha’ Vishnu nagar,

Basmat Road, Parbhani

Maharashtra, India