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Constitution :- Lean, thin, emaciated, tall with pale face.

Defective coordination :- This gets manifested as loss of control mentally and physically.

Want of power :- Limbs feel powerless, cramps, involuntary movements. Staggering gait. Speech, stammering. Eyes, nystagmus.

Discharges :- Thick, profuse

Arg met :- Thick, white and glairy

Arg Nit :- Thick, yellowish, purulent, bloody and offensive.

Pains :- Gradual onset. Sharp, cutting, splinter like pains.

Predominantly left sided.

Loud / Noisy symptoms :- Noisy flatus, stool belching.

Dryness of mucous membranes :- Mouth, thirsty. Larynx, Hoarseness.

Craving :- Sweets; Sugar; Coffee; Ices

Aversion :- Smoking

Modalities :-

< Night > Cold open air

< Emotion > Motion

> Pressure

A/F :- Anger, Vexation, fear, fright, onanism.

Mind :

Anxiety ++ : At night, health about+, apprehension with.

Fear :- When alone, of crowds, of dark.

Concentration, difficult; Dullness of mind, < Mental exertion. Prostration of mind; Ideas deficient.

Indecisiveness. Irresolute.

Impulsive :- Hurry, haste. Restlessness.

Time passes too slowly.

Sensitive, oversensitive. Weeping, tendency to.

Moods, changeable; Loquacity, changing topics frequently.

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