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Monthly E-Newsletter March 2008

AIDS and The real cause


Dr. George Vithoulkas

This paper was submitted to the "Sunday Times" on the occasion of dispute with Duesberg in 1989 but was not accepted for publication.

The whole argument cannot be exposed here but one can read in George Vithoulkas' book: A New Model for Health and Disease

I think that a controversy has already started between two main and opposing points of view:

a. that Aids is caused by the HIV virus and

b. that AIDS is the result of drug overuse

As I think I have already contributed a lot to such arguments through my writings I believe Nature would give me the privilege to express my views in a nut-shell.

It seems to me that both the above assumptions are over-simplifications of a much more complicated issue.

In the (a) case the final phenomena which is: the appearance of a virus in the body is considered as the cause of the disease when in effect it is actually the result of it.

In the (b) case only part of the truth is stated. Not every one who takes antibiotics will risk developing the AIDS symptomatology -though may be risking in developing other syndromes like the post-viral syndrome (the chronic fatigue syndrome). Only those individuals that have been repeatedly infected with venereal diseases and who have used repeatedly and for long periods of time antibiotics are in the risk group.

The whole of the above argument has been dealt with in a hypothesis I wrote in 1986 with all the supporting evidence I could find at the time. The title of this book was "A New Model for Health and Disease, the real cause of AIDS" published first in Dutch in 1988 by Elmar, in Italian by the Editora Cortina in 1989 and in English in 1991 by North Atalantic Books in U. S. A. I spoke about these ideas first in a congress in Berlingame in California as early as 1984 as well as in different other courses

The main points that I am supporting through this hypothesis about the specific AIDS syndrome are the following

1. The AIDS virus appeared first in the promiscuous group of homosexuals. The research, at least in the beginning, showed clearly that these individuals had already been infected several times by venereal diseases and treated repeatedly with antibiotics.

Actually the high risk groups (promiscuous homosexuals, prostitutes, promiscuous heterosexuals or bisexuals, Haitians and finally the African people during their sexual liberation era) all were people with repeated exposures to venereal diseases and consequent treatments with antibiotics. Actually promiscuous homosexuals with AIDS had confided to me and to my students that they would take antibiotics every day, before their casual encounters and for long periods of time as a preventive measure.

2. The initial appearance of a specific virus in the human body was only the result of a depleted and harassed immune system and not the cause of it. It is a similar phenomenon with the worms eating up a dead body. Every stage of degeneration of a human organism has its own particular microbes bacteria, virus etc thriving on it.

The appearance of the virus took place initially because the immune system was degraded to a specific degree through a series of repeated assaults of antibiotics in a considerably short time, while it was already under the stress of a venereal disease -mainly syphilis and/or gonorrhea. It seems that the combined stress of an organism which is repeatedly infected with venereal diseases and treated with antibiotics develops a state that resembles the AIDS syndrome.

3. The virus must have initially developed through an endogenous process of repeated mutations. After staying in the bodies of the victims for long periods of time it became stronger and stronger as if in a friendly incubator. This fact had a twofold effect

a. that the sick individual was quickly destroyed and

b. that the virus became stronger and more virulent during this incubation.

Research will show most probably in the future the different states of the virus and its different virulence in different stages of the disease and in different individuals. at the moment there is confusion because of these issues.

4. Once the virus had become mature -virulent- through such nurturing, could then infect easier other organisms.

I believe that we are actually witnessing in our times the maturing of different virus with unknown consequences. We are observing a part of a process and we are confusing it for the cause.

5. The severity of the infection depends on the predisposition and the state of depletion of the immune system during the time of infection.

I believe that there will be found soon some genetic parameters accounting for a predisposition in the severe AIDS cases. Some people with great susceptibility were infected and immediately developed the disease with a fast calumniating fatal process while others with not such a great predisposition will either develop a milder or a similar disease or will not develop the disease at all.

4. If the above assumptions are correct then there must be several other viruses that will be discovered soon to account for similar symptomatology, in different predispositions.

It may not come as a surprise that in the future we will be creating newer and newer species of viruses through mutations if we do not stop intervening unwisely in to the human organisms with stronger and stronger chemical drugs.

You can read more in detail here: A New Model for Health and Disease