Report of District Level Orientation & Awareness Seminar on Homoeopathy for Mother & Child Care at Ahmednagar on 14th Feb 2010

Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India launched & sponsored one day District level Orientation & Awareness Seminar on Homoeopathy for Mother & Child Care on Sunday, the 14th Feb. 2010 at Ahmednagar. Deputy Director of Homoeopathy, Government of Maharashtra with technical support from Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi organized it. The Seminar was held at Ahmednagar Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Savedi Road, Ahmednagar.

The event was covered well by news papers before and after the event. Press Conference was addressed by Dr.G.P.Titar 1 day before the event .

This program was inaugurated with DipPrajwalan by Honourable Shree Babanraoji Pachpute (Social Welfare Minister – Tribal dept). Prayer and welcoming of delegates was done by Dr.Sangita Mushale

Chief guest was Hon. Dr. Raosaheb Anubhule, President, Ahmednagar Homoeopathic Education Institute, Ahmednagar

GUESTS OF HONOUR were Hon. Dr.Sudhirji Tambe – M.L.A. (Congress Party); Hon. Dr.Madhavravji Munde – Civil Surgeon, Ahmednagar; Hon. Dr. Arunji Bhasme – Vice President, Central council of Homoeopathy ; Hon. Shri Ghanshyam Shelar, District Chairman, Rashtrawadi Congress Party ; Hon. Shri Ajayji Pawar, District Sports Officer; Hon. Shri Hemant Ogle, District Chairman, Yuvak Congress Party.

Showcasing Photographic Testimony of cases cured by Homoeopathy in the area of Mother and Child Care & Homoeopathy in general were constantly played on from 9 am till the beginning of the seminar & at the tea break. This was done to bring to the notice of policy makers present at the seminar so that they can plan their new developments in this field and pass on benefits of Homoeopathy for Mother and Child Care to reach each and every citizen.

Convener of the Seminar - Deputy Director of Homoeopathy Dr G.P. Titar M.D.(HOM.) gave introduction to seminar, introduction to Homoeopathy & scope of Homoeopathy in general, scope of Homoeopathy in Mother & Child Care.

In Scientific session Video interview of Dr Narendra Mehta M.D.(HOM.) was shown. His video cases & PowerPoint CASES OF VENTRICULAR SEPTAL DEFECT, WILM’S TUMOR, MOYA MOYA SYNDROME of children completely resolved with Homoeopathy were shown.

Then Dr Abhay Talwalkar M.D.(HOM.) from Pune presented Video & PowerPoint CASES OF ANTENATAL CARE, INTRANATAL CARE AND POST NATAL CARE. He gave special presentation on pain management with homoeopathy during Labour.

In the Lunch break leading pediatrician Dr. R.K.Anand’s (M.D. ) Video interview of 15 minutes was continuously played on giving his positive views on Homoeopathy as well as emphasizing referrals to other doctors as and when needed for expert opinion or treatment – all for the common aim of doing best for the patient.

Then in post- lunch session Dr Pawan S Chandak BHMS from Parbhani gave presentation on ‘Homoeopathy for Opportunistic Infection in HIV + children & Molluscum’. He had presented cases of Giant Molluscum Contagiosum in HIV + Child through evidence based records like before & after treatment photos of patient, CD4 Count, Viral load etc. He also presented various other opportunistic infections like Herpes Zoster, Herpes Labialis, Scabies, Recurrent respiratory infection. CD4 count & Viral load improvement chart & photographs of cases before & after treatment were shown. He also presented cases of wasting syndromes that improved with homoeopathy.

Dr.Praful Barvalia M.D.(HOM.)’s video recorded cases of ADHD & Autism improving with Homoeopathy were shown


Dr.Vikrant Mahajan LCEH from Pune, presented his cases of acute infections like swine flu, Malaria, Pneumonia cured with Homoeopathy

At the last before Concluding session Dr.G.P.Titar M.D. (HOM.) presented Video & PowerPoint on BREAST CRAWL, BREAST FEEDING METHOD.

This program was attended by Press reporters, Health Care workers, Doctors from Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Unani stream, NRHM Homoeopathic Doctors & Medical officers of Ahmednagar, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Dhule , Beed, Nandurbar Districts. Teachers & Principals of Homoeopathic Colleges from these districts were present.

The Seminar was addressed at the end by Dr. G.P. Titar with vote of thanks to Smt. S. Jalaja Madam, the secretary, and Shri Panda Sir, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. Of India,; Dr.(Prof) C. Nayak, Director General CCRH, Dr.Anil Khurana, Deputy Director, C.C.R.H., Dr. S.K.Dey, Asst. Director RRIH, Mumbai, Maharashtra State N.R.H.M. Commissioner Smt.Vandana Krishna Madam and Mission Director N.R.H.M. Smt.Sonia Sethi Madam and all the participants and organizing team. The feedback was taken from participants & Certificate of Participation was given to them at the end. The Xerox copies of the feedback forms, Registration Forms, Photographs and Audio Visual C.D.’s of the whole event is sending herewith by post with the report. seminar was then concluded by National Anthem.

Yours Sincerely,


Deputy Director of Homoeopathy

Directorate of Ayurved

Govt. of Maharashtra