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Monthly Newsletter November 2007

Recent Advancements in Homoeopathy


Prof. Dr. Mahendra H. Gaushal

Head, Dept of Medicine, KDMG's Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Shirpur, Dist. Dhule (Maharashtra) India

[  Paper  presented in 19th National Homoeopathic Congress,2002  at Bhubaneshwar Orissa, INDIA ]

Introduction: Almost two hundred years back stethoscope was the only instrument available for medical men. Today hundreds of instrument are being used by doctors and clinical analysts. The design and development of an ECH was the major breakthrough of an ECG was the major breakthrough. This was around 1930. Today we have sophisticated biomedical instruments like computer aided Tomography instrument and Brain analyzer even at district places.

Biomedical instrument are widely used for diagnosis, therapy and body function supplementation and now a days used in veternary, agriculture and medical Researchers. In the interfaculty, interdisciplinary studies and researches it plays a major role, if we think medical in general and homoeopathy in particular the horizon of scope in this regards expands to great extent.

Regarding Biomedical Instrumentation Centre: Nanded (Maharashtra):

The Centre was established in 1991 in SGGS College of Engineering and Technology Nanded (M.S.). The MHRD grant of Rs. 5.00 Lacs was first to start. Two elective course for BE. students was designed. Also numbers of seminars and projects were taken by students. The additional grant of Rs. 9.0 Lacs from MHRD for mental electronics were received with more hopes in 1996-97 onwards Rs. 12.50 Lacs received for analytical instrumental in 1997-98 the centre had about Rs. 50 Lacs worth instruments with proposal of Rs. 5 crores. It is a joint effort being carried out by medical men & engineers.

Since most of the Biomedical instruments are imported, there is an urgent need of indigenous technology development. Hence the Biomedical instrumentation centre has been established with following aims.

1. Development of new Biomedical instruments.

2. Research & development in the area of Biomedical instrument as parameters.

3. Continued education for engineers, medical doctors and technician.

4. Biomedical teaching Programs for polytechnic undergraduate and PG students of engineering and medicine.

5. Maintenance of Hospital instruments.

6. Consultancy in Medical doctors , Veternary surgeons.

7. Conducting certificate courses, short term courses, seminars and workshop on various aspects of biomedical instruments.

Studies on Biomedical Instrumental parameters in Homoeopathic Researches:

It was a new dawn for arts, Science, Poetry, Drama, Politics, with beginning of 18th Century at the world level. Global scenario was rapid changing due to vast changes in previous concepts in almost all sectors, political, social, economical and scientific too. Medical sector was greatly affected due to new thoughts and theirs scientific applications New system of medicine called Homoeopathy emerged with its rational concept in last decade or 18th century in Germany. Shortly it spreads globally due to its rationality and cost effective drugs.

Today after almost 200 years of its birth few questions remained unsolved. One among them is genuine of system. Since all know that this is an era of Science and Science demands proofs which is authentic.

Here in my opinion in Homoeopathy, very less work done in this regards. Studies on Biomedical instrumental parameters in Homoeopathic researches tries to fulfill this demands.

We have worked on few projects and still working on few with the joint association with the Biomedical Instrumentation Department, Govt. S.G.G.S. College of Engineering & Technology Nanded (Maharashtra, India) to create some Biomedical Instrumental Parameters to establish genuine of the system.

Introduction: It is well known that our Human body is a source of various signals useful in diagnosing and treating the cases. These signals can be picked up from the surface of the body or from within the body. These are as parameters in various Biomedical studies at the same time there are some body's parameters like blood pressure, temperature, blood flow, Respiratory and skin functions etc. These parameters of the body are basically non electrical in their nature which are converted into corresponding electrical signals by various transducers.

Physiologically these signals have some normal values which in diseases get altered and during and or after treatment these go back to their normal values. Considering these signals (in their various modes) as a parameters it can now be able to establish the 'genuiness' of Homoeopathy before, during and after Homoeopathic treatment scientifically.

It was a big question earlier being asked by the learners of Homoeopathy that 'How Homoeopathic drugs act on the body ? Theoretically explanations are given since long time that drugs act on Vital force on dynamic, spiritual, invisible power etc. Unfortunately these explanations did not satisfy the scientific need of present era, the pharmacokinetics (What the body does to the drugs) and pharmacodynamics (what the drug does to body - Aphorism 63-65) of Homoeopathic drugs were either poorly understood. Through Biomedical instrumental studies we can at least understand effect of activities of the drugs and most important for Homoeopathy that we can understand reactivity of body to the drugs. In the clinical studies this work stands in its key role.

Introduction to various Instruments of Biomedical Studies:

1. Plethysmography:





(To study the action of Belladonna.) This is used for measuring blood flow of the body. The flow of blood will be measured with its speed and quantity flown from one place to another place in a particular time. The quantum of congestion will be measured so after treatment how much congestion is reduced from affected part will be measured. This can be used to detect anti-inflammatory activities of Homoeopathic drugs.

2 Dolometry: (To study action of Mag Phos as a Pain  Killer). This is used for measuring pains at one particular area of the body. The colours will be shown of local area  which will increase or decrease with severity of pains.

3. G.S.R. Biofeedback machine:


(To Study action of Ignatia): This is used for measuring how much grief and sorrow one individual have color bands will appear on computer. Green color will show total state of relaxation and tensionless of mind and body.

4. Spirometry: (To study action of arsenic Album in Lung Abscess and Kali Carb in Asthma).: This is used to detect Lung volumes before, during and after Homoeopathic treatment in Lung disorders where lung volumes severely afftected and leads to respiratory distress.

5. Biomedical Telemetry: Wireless telemetry : it allows examination of the physiological data of human beings under normal conditions and in normal surroundings without discomfort or obstruction to the person under investigation. The predisposing factors influencing healthy and sick persons during the performance of their daily tasks may thus can be easily understood and evaluated. Using wireless telemetry physiological signals can be picked up from persons who are in work like athletes, swimmers, manual workers or patients during transportation from one hospital to another and for continuous monitoring of patients.

6. Blood gas analyzers:

Blood pH measurements: To study action of Nat. Phos, Sepia etc Measurement of Blood PCO2 (To study action of Carbo Veg, Camphor).

7. Blood Cell counters: Automatic recognition and differential counting of cells. (To study action of Tuberculinum in increased ESR. To study action of Nat Mur in platelet disorder)

8. Pyoelectric Vidicon Camera: Thermography- Reliable instrument for diagnosing breast cancer.

9. Therapeutic Equipments: Physiotherapy and electrotherapy equipments - (Aphorism No. 286-288) Software Diathermy Machine, Ultrasonic therapy Machine for Pain Killers (Through Electrical Stimulation)


[ Special thanks to Prof. S G Kahalekar, Head, Dept of Biomedical Instrumentation Engg., SGGS College of Engg & Technology, Nanded (MS) ]