A Case of Uterine Fibroid



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A case Uterine Fibroids aged 40/F having pain in right lumbar region, having Irregular menses every 15 days, 2 day bleeding. Leucorrhoea whitish, low back pain, Pain in right hypochondria radiates to left side. Weakness. Vertigo. Stools are hard, constipated. Thirst is Medium. Left sided heaviness and numbness in lower extremities. Chronic Allergic Rhinitis. Fullness. Nausea and distention in abdomen. Allergic troubles. Itching in eyes.


Past History : Recurrent cold. Allergic Rhinitis. Irregular and early menses since 3-4 months.


Personal History:

Appetite: Normal.    

Thirst: Medium. 

Desires: Sweets.   

Aversion: Spicy foods.

Stool: constipated.   

Urine: Burning micturition.

Sleep: Sleepless till midnight.

Thermal Relationship: Chilly


Mental History:  Sensitive mood. Hypochondriac.


Examination: BP: 126/90 mm Hg


Investigation: USG dated 11/09/2005

Uterus is bulky in size. Change in shape and echo texture. Anteverted in position. Evidence of focal mass lesion in Anterior wall of fundus 32 X 17 mm in size. 

Sonography impression Pelvic USG finding signs of Fibroid.


Rubrics covered by Medicine

- Female; METRORRHAGIA; general; fibroids, cysts, from (K730, SRIII-584, G622) (30) : Phos.,

- Female; METRORRHAGIA; general; fibroids, cysts, from (K730, SRIII-584, G622) (30) : Phos.,

- Female; INFLAMMATION; uterus, metritis; fear; from (2) *:  phos.

- Female; MENSES; frequent, too early, too soon; ten days, every (SRIII-542) (1) **: phos.

- Female; MENSES; irregular (K726, SRIII-546, G619) (114) *: phos

- Female; MENSES; protracted, prolonged (K728, SRIII-560, G620) (154) **: phos.

- Female; METRORRHAGIA; bright red; profuse (14) **: phos

- Female; METRORRHAGIA; profuse (K731, SRIII-593, G622) (71) ***: Phos

- Female; METRORRHAGIA; profuse; prolonged (1) *: phos.

- Female; TUMORS; general; fibroma; uterus (K744, G632) (87) ***: Calc., Calc-f., Phos., Sep., am-m., apis
- Female; BOENNINGHAUSEN; uterus (62) *: Bell.Bng, Cham.Bng, Con.Bng, Kali-c.Bng, Lil-t.Bog, Nux-v.Bng

First Prescription:


Phos 200 single dose

Placebo bd X 2 week

Nat Phos 6 x tid x 2 week



Complain still. Only stool became irregular but occasionally hard. Other abdominal complaints still there. Also numbness in extremities. Pain in left side of neck. Thirst. Acidity

On considering Fibroid


Calc Fl 30 bd x 2 week

Nat Phos 6 bd x 2 weeks.



Distention and hardness in abdomen decreased. Left sided pain in abdomen decreased. Pain in umbilical region occasionally. During micturition complaints decreased comparatively.


Repeating Calc Fl 30 bd x 2 week.

after one week

Medorrhinum 1 M single dose.



Menses Flow increased. Pain in both side of abdomen. Leucorrhoea increased. All complaints due to exertion. Low back pain. weakness.

Rx Kali carb 200 single dose given to feel better in menstrual complaints & back pain.



Pain abdomen during urination.

Pain in left side of abdomen.

Pulse increased.


Low back pain decreased.

Sometime pain in right side of abdomen and right side of lumbar region.


Urine Examination:

Pus cells: 2-3/ hpf

RBCs - 4-5/hpf

Epithelial cellls: 9-10/hpf

Acidic reaction: 6.5



on basis of urinary complaints Canth 30 tid x 7 days

after 1 week Calc Fl 30 continued.



4-5 days early menses & profuse. Weakness. Numbness. Burning micturition comparatively decreased.

Allergic complain decreased.

USG dated 16/15/205

Evidence of moderate to bulky Uterus with decreased myometrial echogenicity. Normal endometrial echocomplex. Anteverted in position. Normal shape.

No any Focal lesion .

Abdominal USG reveals evidence of Moderate PID.


Phos 200 single dose

Trilium Q given to control Menorrhagia.

Ferrum Phos 6 x tid

Pl bd x 2 weeks.


Medicine Ferrum Phos 6 x continued for 2 month for weakness. For acute complains like Dysentry, Coryza and Acidity symptomatic Medicines prescribed.



Due to improvement in Menstrual and abdominal complaints Patient was Irregular in Follow up.

Now she is having occasionaly Pain in right side of abdomen < heavy exertion. Menses and early but comparatively regular and of short duration. Heavy Uterine bleeding decreased. Some time low back pain. Occasionally burning micturition but comparatively  decreased.

BP: 116/80 mm Hg.


Phos 200 single dose

Kali carb 200 given for complaints of low back pain, weakness.

Trilium Q continued 10 drops tds doses.

Kali Phos 6 x bd x 2 week.


Patient has not came for follow up After 07/03/2006 but Her complaints were comparatively decreased. Occassionall menstrual complaint as she is having PID. But severity of Abdominal complints, low back pain, Lumbar region,  Burning micturion decreased.

So Feeling Better


Conclusion: Above case belongs to low Socioeconomic group living in small Village having Material idea in Treatment & results. But having very less Health Awareness. So she can not continue the Follow up due to decreased severity of her disease. In this case Phos 200 has given marked improvement. As she was having Bulky Uterus due to which menses were early & profuse that was relieved with Trilium Q in material doses. Biochemic medicines like Ferrum Phos 6 x and Kali Phos 6 x has given beneficial results in Weakness, Hot flashes and Pre Menopausal complaints. Only sometime for low back pain with weakness I had given kali carb 200. In sycotic nature of case Medorrhinum played very important role.


Before Treatment


After Treatment




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