A case of Oral Candidiasis Cured by Homoeopathy

Dr. Pawan S. Chandak




Before Treatment

A case having apathous ulcer inside mouth. Cannot open the moth. Infection spread inside the mouth. Ulcers are reddish with whitish base. Lips are swollen. Pains are severe. Swelling of lips.

Patient is thirst less.

Appetite: less


Sulphuric acid 30

Tds X 3 days



During Treatment dated 28/07/2007



Ulcers are decreasing in size. Swelling reducing. Patient can swallow food.


Sulphuric acid 30

Tds continued for 3 days.



Patient feeling better symptomatically. Same medicine continued for 5 days.


After Treatment


Analysis of the Case:

Rubric covered from Synthesis Repertory


Mouth-Apthae-Tongue-spots in

Materia Medica of Boericke:

Mouth.-Aphthae; gums bleed readily. Offensive breath. Pyorrhoea.



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