My Experience with Rare Remedy Thlaspi Bursa in Case of Menorrhagia


Dr. Asha P. Chandak

A Lady age of 30 years complaining of heavy and profuse menses with large clotty discharge. During menses she is complaining of pain in abdomen. She is also having leucorrhoea before and after menses which is dark & offensive in type. Pruritis vulvae.

By considering the symptoms heavy , profuse menses, Painful clotty discharge & severe Dysmenorrhoea. I selected medicine Thlaspi Bursea 200 and repeated it three times a day for 2-3 days.

After giving Thlaspi Bursa 200 there is perfect result in Menorrhagia. It really acts as Anti-hemorrhagic remedy for Excessive bleeding than normal during menses. Patient sys in follow up that excessive bleeding decreased and clots are less in quantity and clots are passing without any pain. Also improvement in Dysmenorrhoea.


On above totality there comes remedy like Cimicifuga, Lachesis, Kali carb, Sabina. But on basis of Heavy menstruation with cramp and expulsion of clots Leucorrhoea before & after menses which is dark, offensive stains clots I selected Thalaspi bursa.  


Notes on Thlaspi Bursa in Female Sexual Organs:

It is an Anti-hemorrhagic remedy. Menses are profuse, Painful with clotty discharge.

Indicated for Uterine hemorrhage with cramps & expulsion of Clots.

Leucorrhoea before & after menses which is bloody, dark, offensive, stains indelibly.

Hemorrhage with Violent Uterine Colic & cramps consequent on abortion at Critical age with cancer of cervix or Fibroids.

Suppressed or checked menses. Menses delaying from Inertion.

Sexual excitement following an attack of Jaundice, After menses.

Discharge of brownish green blood with obscure abdominal pains.

Cervix swollen, soft but not ulcerated.



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